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The Reason Why I Smile

I have always believed that as long as you are alive, there is reason for you to hope, to smile, and to push forward and that is the reason why I smile.
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I have always believed that as long as you are alive, there is a reason for you to hope, to smile, and to push forward.

Often people talk about the worst day ever. The worst day ever in my life was April 25, 2013. That is the day my twin daughters and I were hit and left for dead by a driver with a history of drunk driving. It was a beautiful sunny day. We were crossing the street talking about cucumbers. We had walked to the supermarket and purchased cucumbers and humus along with a few other groceries. We were excited. We were happy. Then we were laying in the street.

We had partially crossed the 4 lane street when the truck came out of nowhere, turned into the wrong lane, and struck Twin Z. She pushed into me, and the force pushed Twin C away from me. Three people who had been holding hands, laughingl and crossing the street were violently struck. We were pushed apart, tossed in the air, and then left for dead.

The driver stopped his car, opened his door, looked at us and then drove off. It took a few moments for me to get myself together enough to struggle to my hands and knees. My glasses were gone. I saw Twin Z’s shoes, but not Twin Z. It was horrible. Imagine yourself crawling around on a public street with no shoes, no glasses, and all you see is the shoes of one of your children but none of your children.

 I never forget the fact that on the worst day of my life, miracles happened.

Eventually, I got my glasses, my shoes, and my babies. All the things that happened next are for another day. Twin Z had a fractured skull, her hip was fractured in three places, she had seizures that wouldn’t stop. The doctors didn’t’ know if she would live or die. It was the worst day of my life. Nothing before or since has ever been that horrible, hurtful, or frightening. My child almost died, in the street. A horrible stranger hit us, left us for dead in the street, and my child almost died. No matter how many times I say it, it hurts. Even all these years later it hurts. I have to walk past that intersection five or more days a week most weeks and each time my heart skips a beat. It was the worst day of my life.

I am a church girl, one of those Pentecostal, holy roller types of church girls. So I grew up with people talking about miracles. In church, they talk about turning water to wine or feeding 5,000 people with a few loaves of bread and some fish. Those are miracles true. But I when I think about miracles, I think about the girl who was hit by a Ford F 150 truck and left for dead in the street with broken bones, a concussion and other injuries who now is brave and unafraid. I think of a girl who defied every odd and every prediction. She recovered from all those injuries and a few months later chased her big brother across the house. I think of a girl who was once broken in the street and today is tall, strong, smart, and doing remarkable things. She is the reason why I smile.

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I am a human being living on the planet earth so of course, I have had good and bad days since April 25, 2013. Some of those days were hard and may have broken a different woman. But I smile. I smile because I was blessed to survive what most people agree was a nightmare experience. I smile because on the worst day of my life I was able to pull together strength, courage, and determination and be a support to my husband and children when they all needed me. I smile because though the day was horrific, I survived it. I smile because I kept hopeful when professionals told me hope was not realistic and that outcomes may be horrible. I smile because on the worst day of my life, my Twin Z surprised the world and survived.

My family is precious to me and my wonderful husband, for whom I am grateful, is another reason why I smile. Check out this article for all the details.thankful for my husband

Today, I never forget the fact that on the worst day of my life, miracles happened and my Twin Z survived and thrived. No matter how bad things get, they have never been as bad as that day. Then again, wondering if your child would live or die is a horror that is hard to beat. I smile because no matter how bad things are, I never forget that after the worst day of my life miracles happened and happiness returned. I smile because no matter how bad today or any day may be, my Twin Z is here and she is a constant reminder that miracles are not a thing of the past, they happen today. I smile because I am blessed. I smile.