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Have Fun with Your Camera – Enjoy Your Technology

Your camera is a great tool for work and play so make sure to use and enjoy yours every chance you get.
Your camera is a great tool for work and play so make sure to use and enjoy yours every chance you get.


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Start looking at your camera as a way to have fun!

I first fell for cameras and photography during my early years in college. One of the jobs that I had while working my way through school was at a store that sold greeting cards, photography equipment and did photo processing. Back in those days, all the cameras used film that had to be processed in a dark room or at a photo processing location.



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While film was not super expensive, taking photos on film, processing the film did have a cost. Our store would charge about $10 to $15 to process 36 photographs. Some of the photos would be great and some of the photos would be not so great. Most photographers will agree that if you want to get good at photography you must take photos – lots of photos. In the age of film it was financially prohibitive for many people to get good at photography.



Fast forward to today when most smartphones have good cameras. Digital cameras ranging from simple point and shoot cameras to complex DSLR cameras are increasingly within the price range of many consumers. Digital photos can be seen almost immediately. Using a digital camera whether a stand-alone machine or one that is part of your smartphone you can take hundreds of photos without it costing a dime.


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So get out your camera and just start taking photos. Take photos of anything that strikes your fancy – your shoes, your breakfast cereal or even the traffic outside your house. Start taking photos, as many as you want, as often as you want so that you can start to get good at the job.


When using your camera, take time to have fun.


Don’t forget that your camera and photography can be fun. A gun game is to use your camera to play hide and seek. At home or at the playground, take a photo of something and show it to your kids. The game means that whoever finds the item in the photo first wins. Another way to have fun with the camera is to find ways to take photos that look interesting or like other items.

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