• Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

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Technology Can Set You Free – Type and Carry Your Plans

 It is terrific to know technology can set you free, so type your plans and carry them with you.
It is terrific to know technology can set you free, so type your plans and carry them with you.


It is hard work developing a plan of action, to create a plan for how you will operate your business or your life. Creating a plan, especially if it is a SMART plan requires a lot of time, patience and attention to details. After going through all the work to create a plan and to get all the details just right, many plans still do not get accomplished. One reason for that is because once the planner creates the plan, she leaves it on her desk at the end of each day. Sitting on a desk looking cute, is not a good use for a well thought out plan.

Once upon a time, all our planning and organizing took place in cute paper day planners. I owned one and enjoyed the process of writing down my plans and moving my appointments and to-do list from one page to another. I received a great deal of satisfaction from looking at pages full of plans and completed items. As technology advanced and computer technology allowed for smaller and more portable devices I moved with technology and began using PDAs, then tablets and Smartphones.Instead of leaving your well thought out plan on your desk once it is finished, carry it around with you so that you can do something with it.
Today bujos aka bullet journals are all the rage.  People create plans and to do lists and store them in journals that they carry around with them. Often these journals have helpful stickers, colored coding, and pretty calligraphy writing.  Indeed some are a work of art. For those who like pen and paper, these are a nice tool. But, what happens if the bjuo gets lost, stolen, or covered with a cup of coffee? All of a sudden, all the best-laid plans are no more and have to be recreated from memory.
Instead of a paper planner, I like electronic planning. I use Google calendar and an Excel spreadsheet to run my various business interests and personal life. This means I can access all my plans via my phone.  Think about it who is without a smartphone these days? I can also access my plans via my tablet and computer. It is easy to type, amend, and create whatever I like and where ever I am throughout the day.

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