• Wed. Mar 8th, 2023

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Take Care of Your Devices – Commit to Appreciating Technology

If you want them to last, commit to appreciating your technology by taking care of your devices. How many times have you looked at your laptop, tablet, or phone and been amazed at how dirty they are? Did you ever review photos you took with your phone and saw spots that did not exist anyplace but on your phone’s dirty lens?

Start with wiping things off.

One of the easiest things you can do to take care of your technology is to wipe it off at least once per week. What you will use to wipe off your devices depends upon what your manufacturer advises. I use baby wipes for everything. So every two days or so I wipe down my monitors, keyboard, mouse, tablet, e-reader, and phone. It takes less than two minutes, but it keeps my things neat, clean, and ready to go.

Cover it up.

Another great idea for taking care of your devices is to cover them up. Cases for your tablet, e-reader, and phone are so convenient that you don’t have to take the covers off except to clean the device. When it comes to your laptop, get a sleeve, cover, or case. When you are not using it, or you are traveling to your favorite coffee spot, put it in a case. When your technology is protected by a cover, it is less likely to get scratched, dented, and bruised in transit.

Wind them up.

When you are not using the cords for your devices, wind them up. Don’t simply ball up the cords and throw them someplace. Instead, fold the cords up neatly or use a cord winder and keep them neat. By doing this your cords are less likely to get stretched, bent, and damaged. After all, what good are all your devices if you don’t have working cords to power them up?

Read the book.

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Your technology is important to you for fun, for business, and for life. So let today be the day you commit to keeping your technology in the best condition possible.