• Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Take Action Now No Matter What is Happening

It is easy to take action now when there are exciting happenings.
Take Action Now No Matter What is Happening

The trick is to find a way to take action now every day no matter what is going on. Today is just a regular day full of regular things and regular people. My to-do list is longer than it should be.  Often when our to-do lists are long we get stuck like a deer in headlights.  We know that we have a lot to do. We know that we need to get busy doing things. But, we are unable to move. This is a serious problem. Often we sit back and relax rather than work if we are not putting out fires, trying to meet a deadline, or feeling pressure to move.

Regular days make it hard to take action now and move. They make it hard because regular days are comforting and comfortable. Regular days encourage relaxation and steadiness. Regular days do not encourage us to take action now and move with urgency., For this reason, it is crucial to find a way to see regular days as a time to push forward and move to get things done.

If today is a regular day for you like it is for me, enjoy that. A lack of problems, emergencies, and crisis situations is a good thing. Do not use a regular day as an excuse to slack off or neglect to take action now and get things done. Instead, make plans to take action now and push things forward in your business on regular days.

Today was a regular day for me. There were no deadlines to meet. There were no fires to put out. I decided to take action now anyway. I have a wonderful family and a nice life. I live in a good neighborhood. I have interesting work and limitless possibilities. In other words, I have been blessed by God and that alone is a reason to take action now and get things done.

So, the question for you this magnificent day is, how do you push forward and get things done on regular days?

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19 thoughts on “Take Action Now No Matter What is Happening”
  1. Since pandemic happened. I am now more grateful for everyday that I wake up. Such a realization that I had. Every day is now a special day, waking up the next day is a blessing.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you! I do have regular days plus I procrastinate a lot! It’s always better to take action now than waiting for the perfect timing or day

  3. I have things I need to make everyday. I have a mental deadline. Some other things i can pospone and it’s ok this way!

  4. Such a great point! It feels like sometimes the day needs to have a certain feel to it to accomplish certain things. But we need to see it as an opportunity to get some work done!

  5. This post is really inspiring and motivating! I will share this with my friends and relatives. They will surely need the words.

  6. I can be easy to get stuck in a rut or start feeling lazy. It is good to have some ways to be productive.

  7. I try to assign one important thing to take action on every day, even if the deadline is far out. That’s how I take action on a regular day.

  8. I am sure this post gives an inspiration for everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular day or not as long as we know how to move forward to achieve are goals.

  9. Great article, especially for those who needs an inspiration to keep going or reaching their dreams. As for me, I’m always on to something so there’s no regular day. Hehe

  10. What a great reminder to always move forward! Regular day or not, it is important to always take action.

  11. Absolutely. We have to keep moving. I actually don’t know what’s regular or not,hehe. I’m always on a task so I think it don’t exist for me.

  12. This is so true! You have to keep moving forward taking action steps no matter how big or small.

  13. I don’t know if I have any “normal” days right now with two small kids but I treasure the days that I get to sleep for 6 hours, eat a meal and take a shower without interruption! I call those unicorn days!

  14. I couldn’t agree more with this post. I think so many of us are waiting for the perfect timing for everything. It doesn’t exist. The time is now.

  15. Such a motivational post! I agree that ordinary days are indeed treasure or special because nothing happened. Living in the present and enjoying the moment helps me push forward and keep going

  16. Oh some days are harder than others. Sometimes I need time to myself to think and pray. It is good to see I am not alone. Thank you for your encouragement.

  17. With kids, I rarely have regular days. There is usually always something going on. Today it’s building a roller coaster for stem class. Fun!

  18. I’m a VA, so there is no regular day for me. LOL. Every day is a take action day. I have my entire day scheduled out with what needs to be done when Monday through Sunday.

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