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Take Action Now – What Are You Afraid Will Happen?

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It is magnificent to take action now and stop being afraid of what will happen.


A lot of space on this blog is devoted to the idea that people must take action now. This idea is important because nothing gets accomplished until someone steps up and take action now. One reason people do not take action now is that they are afraid. Today is a good day to look at that fear, push it aside and take action now.

Sometimes it is scary to take action now, to get up and move. The time for failing to take action now because one is scared of success or failure has passed by. It should be long gone. Success is a good thing. It is good to accomplish the goal you have set for yourself. Success is the reward for keeping your mind on your mission and your mission on your mind. Failure is what happens when you take your mind off your work and your mission. There is no reward in being afraid of success or afraid of failure. Success is a good thing. While success may lead to more work, problems, and responsibility, it is a good thing. On the other hand, the failure that comes from refusing to take action now is a heartbreaking thing. It is heartbreaking because there is no one to blame but ourselves. When you ignore the fear of success and fear of failure, you are able to get the reward and success that happens when you take action now.
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Perhaps you fail to take action now because you are afraid it is the wrong opportunity or you think another opportunity will come along. It is time to move past that way of thinking. Economists talk about opportunity cost. This is because when we fail to act on an opportunity there is a cost associated with failing to take an opportunity. Some opportunities are once in a lifetime things. If you do not take action now and seize those opportunities they are lost forever. This is a bad thing and should be avoided at all cost. Other opportunities are interchangeable so that if we do not take action now on one opportunity it is okay because if we do not take this one, another will be along in a few minutes. It is like city buses, if you miss one, another will be along in a little while. The problem with failing to take action now with these opportunities as that when you think an opportunity is always on the way, that you can always take action now is that often, you never get around to taking action. Instead, you sit and wait for a new opportunity, a new chance to act. Stop waiting for opportunity after opportunity to come, step up and take action now. Seize an opportunity and move.

Everything in life that you need to take action on is not an exciting thing, a great thing or even a fun thing. Some things that require you to take action now are merely good, OK or even boring. The fact remains that you still must take action now to get those things done. If you are sitting around waiting for some grand opportunity to come before you take action now, stop, get up and move. Boring jobs are still jobs. Unglamorous tasks must be done. Take action now and do all you need to do, all you want to do, including the run of the mill tasks.
The church girl in me is reminded that God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a strong mind and a strong heart. Whether you realize it or not, you have within you the strengththe power and the ability to take action now to do what needs to be done. There is nothing to be accomplished by cowering away from life and refusing to take action now. Look inside yourself, seek out a source of strength, step up to the plate and take action now to get things done.
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In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now and stop being afraid of what will happen. So, the question for you this magnificent day, is what are you scared will happen if you get up and take action now?


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