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Super Hero – You Can Do the Work Life Balance

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It is fantastic to realize that when it comes to work-life balance you can succeed by being your own superhero. When my oldest daughter was a little girl she watched a movie from the Cheetah Girls with words to a song something similar to this:

I don’t want to be like Cinderella
Sitting alone in a dark dusty cellar
Waiting for somebody
To come and rescue me
I’d rather rescue myself

When I think about all working women do to run businesses, work jobs, manage families and find time for themselves, I am reminded of this song. Almost every day there are articles in blogs, newspapers, magazines and conversations on television about the struggle to balance work and life. After years of research on this topic, I have come to realize there is no quick fix, there is no one size fits all solution.

be your own super hero www.janeanesworld.com
Be your own super hero!


If you are struggling to find a way to balance your duties as an entrepreneur, wife, mother, sister, friend and independent woman, stop looking outside yourself for a solution. Instead, recognize the superhero inside yourself. It is inside you that you will find the solution. I have my own definition for the word superhero:

Superwoman: noun
1. wife
2. mom of 4
I am Janeane Davis. I describe myself as a Superwoman, aka a wife and mother of four. I am an African-American mom blogger whose mission is to inspire, encourage and motivate women to be their best in business and at home.

If you pay careful attention to these words, you will notice that my definition of superwoman aka superhero is different from any other you have read before. I define the term for myself and describe what makes me feel super. In my world, being a happily married woman for almost 25 years and raising four wonderful children while running a business and finding ways to encourage, inspire and motivate other women to be their best at home and work makes me a superhero. It means I do great things and have the capacity to do even more.


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So often I hear women say they are not superwomen, that they are not superheroes. Each time I hear those words, I wish I could scream at them, “Yes, you are a superwoman, you are a superhero!” I want to shout those words because according to my definition, if you a responsible for a business, a family and yourself, you are indeed a superwoman, a superhero and you need to recognize that, appreciate it and live it. Do not live under the traditional definition of a superhero. Do not live under my definition of a superhero. Instead, look at yourself, look at your life and find the wonderful qualities you have and what makes you special, unique and successful in some way. When you have identified this, you have found the superhero inside you.

When trying to balance work life, look inside to your own strengths, your own sources of power and use those things to feel satisfied about the job you do when you are at your best. I say it often in these pages because it is true, I am a church girl. The church girl inside me tells me that I have the power of God inside me and that I am the child of The King. This means that since I am created in the image of God, I have something super, special, wonderful and powerful inside me. It means I am a superwoman, a superhero.



Even if you do not share my faith, sit back and recognize the super, special, wonderful and powerful inside yourself. Recognize that you can do what you want, you can balance what needs to be balanced. Do not spend time thinking about your failures and the times you did not balance well. Instead, look at what you do well and build upon that. Look at yourself as a superwoman, a superhero. This point of view will encourage you, inspire you and motivate you to continue to seek work-life balance. A superwoman, a superhero can do anything she sets her mind to do. You can succeed at the work-life balance struggle when you start to recognize the superwoman and superhero inside you.

In conclusion, it is fantastic to realize that when it comes to work life balance you can succeed by being your own superhero. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, when are you going to recognize the superhero inside you?