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My Summer Essentials are Different From Yours #TargetColors


#TargetColors summer essentials www.janeanesworld.com


It is fantastic to know that you can find great summer essentials for your home office by shopping at Target. At the end of every school year parents and children hit the stores and the malls shopping for summer essentials. For some moms, the ones who are work at home moms like I am, the summer essentials list is a little different.

You may be at Target picking up sunscreen, towels and beach toys. Other moms are picking up ice cream makers and ice shavers. I walk past all those items and head for the office supplies. When we first walked in, we saw the $1 or $3 Spot and two great must have items. The first was these really neat sticky note pads.


#TargetColors summer essentials www.janeanesworld.com


The second thing was a really neat red tote bag that I can use as a storage basket on my desk.


#TargetColors summer essentials www.janeanesworld.com


Since the kids will be home more during the day and my work hours will be limited this cute little dry erase board is great. I can keep it near me in the living room and jot down ideas that come to me while we are having family time and add them to my devices later. This means I won’t be tempted to use my devices to work instead of enjoying the hot summer moments with my children.



#TargetColors summer essentials www.janeanesworld.com


Another essential item is storage containers, places to keep papers, projects and assignment sheets I will be working to complete. I saw these plastic envelopes in two sizes that will work great. I can stuff things in the envelopes and leave them on the desk away from sticky little fingers.


#TargetColors summer essentials www.janeanesworld.com



I  really enjoy plants and like to have living things around me. Three little boxes I saw surprised me and just demanded to be put on my summer essentials list. The items were small planter kits. I like the sunflower, poppy and the daisy. I think the little plants growing on the side of my desk basking in the sun will be perfect for summer.


#TargetColors summer essentials www.janeanesworld.com



One of my favorite colors is yellow. Of course notepads, scissors, pens and other office supplies are always essential to office success. I was ticked pick, excuse the pun to see the great sets of supplies in a variety of colors including yellow, blue, pink and purple. I am getting a set of yellow stuff for me and may pick up some Spelman College blue stuff for my teenie bopper to take with her to college in August. This summer essentials list may be a bit unconventional and different, but it is what is essential for me to get through this  summer as a work at home mom.



#TargetColors summer essentials www.janeanesworld.com


Who’s ready for summer? Well, apparently Target is and we all are loving it! It’s time for another #TargetColors twitter party. The theme? Summer essentials. Whether it’s food, home decorations, kids’ activities, or fashion, Target is giving us the hook up with  amazing new items and great deals to along with them. During this twitter chat, we’ll share what our essential items for summer are, and what’s on our summer shopping wish lists. Here are all the details:

What: Twitter party celebrating summer essentials

Where: Twitter under the hashtag #TargetColors

When: Wednesday, June 18th 1pmEST

Hosts: @4hatsandfrugal and @HFofNicholes

Grand Prize: One $50 Target gift card

RSVP isn’t required, but feel free to comment below to let us know what summer essentials you’d love to chat about during the event!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Disclaimer: This twitter chat is in no way sponsored by Target. We just love them so dang much.


In conclusion, it is fantastic to know that you can find great summer essentials for your home office by shopping at Target.  So, the question for you this fantastic day is do you have a different kind of summer essentials list?

8 thoughts on “My Summer Essentials are Different From Yours #TargetColors”
  1. I love Target and it’s my fave shopping store.

  2. Target is my one stop shop!! Their style is so modern and stylish, yet affordable!

  3. I can go crazy in Target.I love their colorful office supplies. Tres cute!

  4. Target always has the cutest note pads. I always pick one up while I’m there and use them for gratitude journals.

  5. I need to go back to the office supply section and check out some of the things you purchased.
    I use the large envelope/binder thing to keep track of my coupons before I clip them. It works like a charm.

  6. Love the idea of adding personality to your desk with color. No more somber black. Great post!

  7. I am going to have to buy more plants because I know the twins are going to take them off my desk. They love plants also.

  8. One of my favorite colors is yellow also! The plants are going to be fun for the twins to plant this summer!

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