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Suck It Up and Move So You Can Take Action Now

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It is magnificent to find a way to take action now so you can suck it up and move. We all have plans, ideas and things we need to get done each day. Each of us creates those plans, ideas, and lists of things to get done with optimism and good intentions. In an ideal world, we would move from task to task floating on clouds of satisfied accomplishment. However, we live in a real world full of distractions, disturbances, and disappointments.

Your plan may be to get up, get the kids and spouse out of the house to school and work then go into your office with a cup of something hot and delicious. Things look good at 6 am, then child number one ignores you and the alarm clock and misses the school bus. Child number two throws up last night’s dinner all over the breakfast table and child number three. At that moment your spouse enters the kitchen to tell you the car has two flat tires and the car battery is dead. In other words, it is a typical morning.

At this point you have a few options:

  • sit down and cry (avoiding the vomit if possible)
  • have a fit and run from the house screaming
  • give up on the idea of getting anything done today
  • suck it up, get the vomit cleaned up, give your spouse roadside assistance information, arrange a cab ride for child one, a doctor’s visit for child two and get three a new outfit then, get to that cup of hot and delicious an hour or two later than originally planned


You have a choice in how you handle the things that appear along the way to derail your plans or take away your joy. Life happens and you decide how to handle the off topic things that happen during the course of your day. In other words,  life is full of distractions, disturbances, and disappointments but you must still suck it up and move.  Life happens and life goes on, you must find a way to productively move on and get things done.  Each person has a well of strength, a thing inside her that makes her find a way when there is no way in sight. Each person has a source of power that allows her to continue on when all those around her have given up. I am a church girl, so the thing inside me is God, the Holy Spirit. You must search yourself, look into your heart, your mind and whatever it is that makes you the person you are and find something you can use over and over again when you need to suck it up and move.


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In conclusion, it is magnificent to find a way to take action now so you can suck it up and move. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, when are you going to suck it up and go so you can take action now?


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