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Suck it Up and Move: Stop Refusing to Take Action Now


It is magnificent to suck it up and move so that you can stop refusing to take action now. It is a well-known fact that in order to succeed at any venture there comes a point in time where one must spring into action in the face of fear. It is a good thing to set goals, make plans and dream the big dreams. These are activities that we all engage in and should engage in from time to time. However, we must go from planning and dreaming to actually doing. To reach our goals, we must take action now.

There is always an excuse, reason or justification for not taking action. There are always impossible deadlines, family obligations, financial burdens and the like. But in order to succeed, you must find a way to suck it up and take action now.

Let’s examine some of these common excuses and find some common sense ways to work around them.


Impossible Deadlines  If this is the reason you are not taking action now, it is time to suck it up. If the deadlines are deadlines you have set, you need to sit down and do a realistic appraisal of how long it takes you to carry out tasks and make deadlines based on the realities of your life. If the deadlines are not ones you set or that you cannot control, you need to suck it up and realize that perhaps the plans need to be amended or will not be accomplished and make plans for an alternative course of action.


Family Obligations  If obligations to your family are keeping you from taking action now, you need to first examine your scheduling. Take the time to look at your personal and family schedules in detail to figure out how to move things around so that you have time to do everything that needs to get done. This may mean getting up and working on your plans before your family each day or staying up after they have gone to bed. Look at your schedules realistically and take action based on the obligations you have, rather than the dream life you will have one day.

Financial Burdens If lack of cash flow to devote to your plans is keeping you from taking action now,take a look at your finances and determine what you can do without, what you can pay differently or how  you can “rob Peter to pay Paul.”  Financial burdens are just as real as any other roadblock to taking action now. For most people, finances are to excuse the pun, finite. This means that most people are not working with unlimited money. If finances are keeping you from taking action, work at amending your plans to meet the finances you have or find a way to increase your financial resources by rearranging your obligations,selling assets or getting a second job.


If you have been sitting on the sidelines of your life, afraid to take action now due to impossible deadlines, family obligations or financial burdens, stop living a life of excuses.  Instead, suck it up start moving in the direction of your plans, dreams, and goals instead of away from them.

In conclusion, it is, is magnificent to suck it up and move so that you take action now. So, the question for you this magnificent day is how are you going to find the guts to suck it up and stop being afraid to take action now?

26 thoughts on “Suck it Up and Move: Stop Refusing to Take Action Now”
  1. I am just going to suck it up and push forward no matter what my doubts are… and just hope for the best because nothing will happen if I don’t take action right…

  2. This is exactly where I was about 5 years ago when we were buried in debt. I sold as much as I possibly could and returned as much as I possibly could to get a head start on digging out of that debt. It made a difference and gave me hope. It took two years but I paid it all off and have never gone back in debt!

  3. I assumed that we need to dream in order to have our goal, dreaming is totally free, but in order to make those dreams come true we need to work into it so it will have a way to reach those dreams.

  4. i’m in the money category but I’ve decided no more there is so many things i want to do and I’ve started taking action like forgoing that soda at the drink machine in favor of water so i can put that dollar towards traveling

  5. I find lately I have more and more deadlines that are “essential” and that sometimes I feel paralyzed even trying to figure out where to start (or what to prioritize!).

  6. I did this a long time ago when I decided to start my own bookkeeping service–then at 40 I decided to go back to college and get the degree I always want-Environmental Science–it can be done!

  7. i wish more people WOULD suck it up and take action instead of MAKING excuses! those take time too- that could be spent on meeting goals and deadlines

  8. I love this post, you are always so motivational and have inspiring things to say! I have been working on this myself.. it can be challenging at times.. but I am plugging on!

  9. Very inspiring! I realize I lay back to much and expect others to make the change! Thanks so much for sharing!

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