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Stop Procrastination- Use Your Gifts and Talents


use your talent and stop procrastinating  www.janeanesworld.com


It is terrific to find ways to stop procrastinating and one way is to work your special talents. Procrastination is a common problem at people deal with at home and at work. Procrastination is that quality that causes people to put off doing something they should be doing. Often procrastination occurs because people do not realize the strength and power of their talents and abilities. For these people, a cure for procrastination is to find ways to use their special gifts and talents to get things done.

Each person has special gifts and talents they do not use on a regular basis to help them get things done. There are an unlimited number of special gifts and talents people can bring to the work they do:

• Ability to instantly see the big picture and look long-range
• Organizational expertise
• Enhanced technological expertise
• Superior networking abilities

Once you know and are aware of what special gifts and talents you bring to bear on a situation, it is time to make a plan to get things done. It is important to plan because no matter what special gifts and talents you have, you use them better when you have a plan. For example, if you gift is the ability to see the big picture and look long-range, think about how the task at hand will look completed. Next, look at how the completed task fits into your plan for life. If your talent is organizational expertise, create a plan that puts together all the puzzle pieces and helps you to work efficiently. After all it is better to work smart than to merely work hard. In the case that enhanced technological expertise is your strong suit, think about ways to use your technology and gadgets to get things done smarter, faster and easier. If you have superior networking abilities, look for ways to use the power of a team to accomplish your goals.



use your talent stop procrastinating www.janeanesworld.com



No matter what your special gift and talent may be, harness that power and ignite that gift. Use those gifts and talents to stop procrastinating. Do not sit and be a stagnant pool of water. Instead, flow like a river, using your special gifts and talents as oars to succeed at all you attempt.

In conclusion, it is terrific to find ways to stop procrastinating and one way is to work your special talents. So, the question for you this terrific day is how can you use your talents to achieve your goals?

45 thoughts on “Stop Procrastination- Use Your Gifts and Talents”
  1. I am glad you like that. I always like it when I read something that inspires me. I write it down on my bulletin board and type it onto my laptop bulletin board.

  2. “Harness the power and ignite the gift” I love that! I feel like I should print that out and leave it on my mirror. A great reminder!

  3. I am definitely guilty of procrastination. I am trying to not procrastinate as much though. Gotta start somewhere, right? 🙂

  4. I love that you can discover your talents at any age! Definitely need to get off my butt and use them!

  5. I’m trying to not be lazy and procrastinate. Sometimes though, it takes over but I always end up getting it done. I also sometimes procrastinate my procrastination. I’ll start working on one thing, then move on to something else so I don’t have to do that first thing for a while. Anyone else do that?

  6. It’s not being a hypocrite to tell your kids to do better. We all want our kids to do better than we do.

  7. I’m a HUGE procrastinator. I feel like a hypocrite when I start telling my kids what they should be doing and when!

  8. That’s a darn good question. I need to work on this and really utilize my talents to their fullest.

  9. I am so bad at procrastinating! Lately I have given myself more specific tasks each day and it seems to help.

  10. I find that as soon as I start pushing myself to do what needs to be done, I often wonder why I procrastinated. Things are never as bad to get done as the mind likes to try to convince me they are.

  11. These are great tips. I am a big procrastinator i just cant seem to manage my time correctly. Something to work on for sure.

  12. This was a great post! This past week was hectic and I had a bunch of stuff I needed to get done, but procrastinated because I was so overwhelmed. I will keep this post in mind next week.

  13. This is so true! I had an interesting week last week and let me say I had no choice but to be proactive. I surprised myself with how much I got done. I thanked God for his strength and perseverance

  14. I love the idea of harnessing your talents and using them to get the job done. Whatever the job may be!

  15. I tend to over schedule myself. But always get things done within the deadline.

  16. I think it is a crying shame when I see people with amazing talents procrastinate. I am a big believer in going for what you want and enjoy doing

  17. I have a lot of projects I am working on. My to-do lists have lists. If I didn’t work it that way then I would never be able to focus.

  18. I keep lists, and alarms and sheets…. and check lists but I never actually finish most of it. Hopefully one day I can, I am getting much better though!

  19. I’ve gotten off my procrastination boat a while ago. I DO NEED to get off my procrastination of exercising. Not sure how to do that.

  20. It’s so easy to procrastinate. I have definitely done that with some projects lately, and I’m working on fixing that!

  21. Very helpful! I’ve gotten much better at not procrastinating but it’s a long recovery!

  22. I’m a family pleaser. I take care of everyone making sure they have what they want and need that I don’t ever think about what I want and need.

  23. I have resolved to make a list of all the things I need to get done. But I keep putting off that list!

  24. I am good at planning – staying on course is my downfall. I need to keep focused to get stuff done!

  25. My talent is being a care giver for my family, so that is actually what sets me back often times. I am so busy looking after everyone to make sure they have what they need, that my stuff gets put off.

  26. There are days I procrastinate and days that I just don’t stop working on a project. At the end, I get things done maybe few days late sometimes.

  27. I am a horrible procrastinator. I always makes lists. It’s the only way to make sure I get things all done that I really need and want done, because I don’t procastinate on purpose. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and procrastinate because I don’t know where to start.

  28. I am always working on something. It’s just the fact of getting it all done doesn’t always happen. Old age is creeping in on me. So I just try to make the best of everything that I can.

  29. Another reason why some people choose to procrastinate is when they see all the negatives first. It’s hard to this because of this or I don’t today is the right timing, etc.

  30. I need to use my special talent and skills in seeing the big picture, being organized, and being customer-centric to focus on myself, love myself, believe in myself, and take action now to realize my dream. Thank you for your insightful ideas for overcoming procrastination.

  31. Same here I am always working on something, but procrastinate about the next step.

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