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Stop Procrastination- Use Your Gifts and Talents


use your talent and stop procrastinating www.janeanesworld.com


It is terrific to find ways to stop procrastinating and one way is to work your special talents.


Procrastination is a common problem at people deal with at home and at work. Procrastination is that quality that causes people to put off doing something they should be doing. Often procrastination occurs because people do not realize the strength and power of their talents and abilities. For these people, a cure for procrastination is to find ways to use their special gifts and talents to get things done.

Each person has special gifts and talents they do not use on a regular basis to help them get things done. There are an unlimited number of special gifts and talents people can bring to the work they do:

• Ability to instantly see the big picture and look long-range
• Organizational expertise
• Enhanced technological expertise
• Superior networking abilities

Once you know and are aware of what special gifts and talents you bring to bear on a situation, it is time to make a plan to get things done. It is important to plan because no matter what special gifts and talents you have, you use them better when you have a plan. For example, if you gift is the ability to see the big picture and look long-range, think about how the task at hand will look completed. Next, look at how the completed task fits into your plan for life. If your talent is organizational expertise, create a plan that puts together all the puzzle pieces and helps you to work efficiently. After all it is better to work smart than to merely work hard. In the case that enhanced technical expertise is your strong suit, think about ways to use your technology and gadgets to get things done smarter, faster and easier. If you have superior networking abilities, look for ways to use the power of a team to accomplish your goals.



use your talent stop procrastinating www.janeanesworld.com



No matter what your special gift and talent may be, harness that power and ignite that gift. Use those gifts and talents to stop procrastinating. Do not sit and be a stagnant pool of water. Instead, flow like a river, using your special gifts and talents as oars to succeed at all you attempt.



In conclusion, it is terrific to find ways to stop procrastinating and one way is to work your special talents. So, the question for you this terrific day is how can you use your talents to achieve your goals?


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