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Give It Your Best and Stop Procrastination

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It is terrific to know you can stop procrastination by giving it your best effort.

There a quite a few definitions for procrastination. One definition is procrastination is what happens when a person doesn’t do what they are supposed to do and instead does something else. Another definition of procrastination is to do a less important task because it is easier than the more important task that needs to be done. Yet another definition is that procrastination means waiting to do something until the thing is no longer necessary. No matter what definition you use, procrastination hinders progress and keeps you from doing things that need to be done.

It is important to stop procrastination in its tracks and instead take action now to get done all those things on your to-do list that need to be done. When you allow procrastination to rule your life, you do not thrive, at most, you simply survive to fight one fire after another. When you allow procrastination to rule your life you react instead of act. When you allow procrastination to be your master you don’t get to choose your destiny, it is chosen for you. Procrastination makes you weak when you should be strong. Procrastination causes you to disappoint yourself and those around you. It is indeed a sad thing to develop a reputation as someone who does not keep her word, but instead, puts off doing things until it is too late to do them.

Most people who have a problem with procrastination have tried several things to stop procrastinating. Today, I encourage you to never stop trying to combat procrastination and to give your best effort to win the battle against procrastination. People fight for things that are important to them, they do their best to win important fights, to meet important deadlines, and to accomplish important goals. Procrastination is indeed an opponent worthy of your best efforts. Do not take procrastination lightly. Do not remark that you have been a party to procrastination all your life and cannot help it. Instead, stop, stand your ground, and move forward so that you will use your best efforts to stop procrastination in its tracks.

You can use your best efforts from this day forward to stop procrastinating and get done what you need to do. If you look inside yourself, and examine your inner thoughts, heart, and soul, you will realize that you know what makes you procrastinate. You know why you procrastinate and you even know how to stop. Instead of giving it your best and stopping procrastination, you allow procrastination to beat you at every encounter. Stop that! You are bigger and better than procrastination. You can stop what is keeping you from completing your tasks and moving forward with projects.

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Make today the day you use your best efforts to stop procrastination in its tracks and conquer the world around you! Give the battle the best that you have and you will win. This is not hyperbole and it is not wishful thinking. You have it within you to do what needs to be done. So, as the old folks say, “Get off your rusty dusty and start doing what needs doing.” Give it your best, your actual best and you will win the battle against procrastination.

In conclusion, it is terrific to know you can stop procrastination by giving it your best efforts. So, the question for you this terrific day is, what is the best you can do to stop procrastination?

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