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Sometimes You Are Great – Celebrate That

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Sometimes you think you are a good at something and you are actually great! That is a thing  to celebrate and enjoy. When it happens, stand up tall and claim the confidence you deserve.

Sometimes, you just hit it out of the park and are great.

Over the weekend, I attended a conference with bloggers and business owners from all over the country. During one of the sessions, the speaker asked volunteers to share their elevathttps://janeanesworld.com/will-your-elevator-pitch-take-you-to-the-top/or pitches. I was the first volunteer and gave my elevator pitch. I said it loudly and with pride.

“Hello, I am Janeane Davis and I believe every working mom can succeed and be happy with the right encouragement, inspiration and motivation and that is why I created the blog Janeane’s World.”

The audience at the conference loved it. Members of the audience said it was good, that I should drop the mic and do a presentation on elevator pitches at the conference next year. In addition, no one else wanted to share their elevator pitch after hearing mine. They thought they couldn’t follow my opening. I called the experience a major personal win.

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I always thought my elevator pitch was good. Now I think it is great. I am now standing tall, proclaiming that greatness and enjoying it. There is something wonderful about being great in the eyes of your peers. All too often when a woman makes the discovery that she is great she reacts with self-deprecating humor, plays down her greatness  or points out her faults. All of these things are a mistake. All these things diminish you in the eyes of those who recognized you as great. This does not make you look likable or humble. What those things do is make you look as if you are undeserving of the title “great.” It gives the impression that perhaps people who thought you were great are mistaken and that instead, you are merely normal, average or unremarkable.

What to do when you discover you are great at something  – Accept it and Make Your Best Better

The next time someone tells you that you are great at something or that you are good at something, start with a simple response. “Thank you”  works quite well. When I get great compliments where I am told I did a  great job at something, the church girl in me comes out. I say something along the lines of  “Thank you for thinking I did a great job. I am blessed to be able to do things like that exceedingly well.” This answer shows  my appreciation for the compliment and shows my belief that all gifts come from above.

Don’t use my response. Instead, craft one of your own. First, say thank you. A compliment is a gift and when it is given you should say thank you and show some appreciation for the gift. Second, there doesn’t have to be a part two to your response.  “Thank you” is a phrase that can stand all on its own. If you choose to say something other than thank you, make sure it does not take away from the compliment or make the person who called you great doubt your greatness.

 When you are told you are great, enjoy the compliment, then work to make your best better. Keep in mind that you can always work to make your best better. No matter where or what you are great at, get more experience, more practice or more education so you can make your best better.

Today, I am enjoying the delicious moment of killing it the world of elevator pitching. Take time and find an area where you are great and enjoy the moment.

23 thoughts on “Sometimes You Are Great – Celebrate That”
  1. I love this post! I need to work harder at enjoying a compliment and saying Thank You!

  2. I definitely need to practice saying thank you and stopping at that. I tend to deflect!

  3. Compliments are everything! They go a long way, and really make a difference!

  4. It was great meeting you at the conference this past weekend! It was great hearing you give your pitch with such pride and confidence. Something for us all to strive for.

  5. I really appreciate a good compliment. I try not to let it go to my head, though. That’s what breeds arrogance, and that will get you into trouble if you don’t watch it.

  6. I think one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the ability to take a compliment and really allow yourself to feel it and inspire you to greater heights! Loving this post and your positive inspiration

  7. I’m not very good at taking compliments. It can be hard to take in sometimes. I should work on this too.

  8. This is a great post. When I discover I am good at something I do what I can to be the best I can at it.

  9. I have learned to accept a compliment when I get one. If the person is taking the time to say it you should believe it and say Thank You.

  10. I’m terrible at accepting compliments, I always feel the need to justify it and point credit elsewhere. I really need to work to stop doing that!

  11. This is so hard for me to do. I am so accustomed to hearing about my mistakes that I don’t recognize the better part of me. Not the better half of me. That’s my wife.

  12. Accepting a compliment from someone can sometimes be the hardest thing that you can do. I need to work on this!

  13. I am always bad at accepting compliments. I feel like I am just waiting for someone to say what is wrong.

  14. I am horrible at taking compliments and need to a bit more appreciative of the things I am good at. I always strive to be my best at everything, but don’t like to talk about it, LOL

  15. Sometimes saying “thank you” when complimented is the hardest thing to say! But it’s important to remember how wonderful we all are.

  16. I need to get my elevator pitch together as well! I’m working on being even better at things people think I’m good at because I know I can be better.

  17. I love this post! You are so right, I strive to make my best even better! Thanks for this.

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