• Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

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SMART Goals and How to Get Them

It is thrilling to know you can accomplish all you desire because your goals are SMART.

There is a formula for creating SMART goals. The ingredients are as follows:
Time Bound
We must start by being specific when we create goals. We must state exactly and with clear details what we want to accomplish. If we do not specifically state what we want to accomplish, it is hard to accurately determine if we have reached the goals set. If your goal is not specific, it is easy to get off track and to lose focus.
Next, we must make sure our goals are measurable. This means there must be some type of quantity, some amount, some way or determining if more or less needs to be done. We must make our goals measurable so that we will know if we have achieved them. 
After we have ensured that our goals are specific and measurable, we must make sure they are attainable. A goal that is attainable is one that is able to be reached with persistent effort. In other words, a major step in making a goal attainable is to make sure that it can be done and that you can do it. No matter how specific, measurable and well thought out your goals, plans and dreams 
The final step is to ensure that our goals are realisticWhen we are realistic in our planning we take into account all our resources including time, money, personnel, and ability. When we are realistic we divide things into steps that can be accomplished one at a time. When our goals are realistic we can have confidence in them and then we can make our dreams come true. 
It is thrilling to know you can accomplish all you desire because your goals are SMART. It is important for us to set time limits and schedule our goals because no matter how specific, measurable, attainable and realistic our goals are, we will never achieve them satisfactorily unless we set a time limit for success.
The Winans “Payday”
Setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound can be a hard job. But it is a job that must be done and it has a great payoff. The payday for all the work is that we will be able to do what we set our minds to accomplish. In other words, if we put in the work to make our goals SMART we are more likely to accomplish them.
Now that you have all the rules for SMART goals go set some. So the question for you this thrilling day is how are you going to put it all together and make SMART goals?

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