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Show Your Children Love


You can find serenity in learning how to show your children love. Children are funny. No matter what we do for them, no matter what sacrifices we make for their benefit, if we deny them a cookie before dinner, they feel unloved. We must find ways to show our children love in ways they understand and appreciate. Recently I asked one of my young daughters what was her favorite thing about me. For the few seconds while I waited for her response my mind wandered. I thought bout the myriad of things she and I did together over the course of her life. I thought about the countless things I have done to make her happy. The answer she gave never crossed my mind. Her response was, “What I love most is that Miss Pam gives you books for us to read.”

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I must admit, when I heard that response my feelings were hurt! I mean, I asked her what she loved bout ME and she was telling me something someone else did. I smiled, today her thank you and continued to play the game we were playing. I thought about her response for hours that day and the next. then I got it. Her response was a compliment to my friend Pam. That part of her statement was obvious. At the same time, she paid me a wonderful compliment as well. She is a girl who loves to read She likes the smell and feel of paper bòoks. New books signed by the authors are a special treat for her. So in her way, she was saying that the thing she loved most about me was that I found ways to get her the things that made her happy. Additionally, the fact that I am a writer and my baby loves books was not lost on me.



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Look at your children individually. Each one has a different treasured item, thought and experience that stands above all others. When looking for ways to show your children love, look for those individual items and try to create more. Even if you don’t like the food, game or movie, find a way to make the experience a good one for your child.

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You can find serenity in learning how to show your children love. So the question for you this serene day is, what do you do to show your children love?


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19 thoughts on “Show Your Children Love”
  1. This is so true. All three of my girls are so different when it comes to showing love. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I try to spend time with each of my kids doing something that is all about them. It makes them feel loved in a special way.

  3. This post really made me think, I need to show my daughter more love. We have a newborn now and a lot of my time and attention have been directed towards the baby. I definitely need to work on this!

  4. Nothing is more important to me than showing our kids we love them unconditionally! This is such a wonderful post!

  5. thank you for these gentle reminders. It really is important to show love to each of your children individually.

  6. You have such a beautiful family! And you’re right…showing life makes such a huge difference in how your children respond to many things in life.

  7. Our kids require so much work, but you are right when you say the work is worth it, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

  8. I totally can relate, I do and do so much for my kids but one thing they do not get their way and I hear you do not love me. It is important to spread the love evenly and make them all feel special and loved.

  9. That’s such a cute response to the question you asked your daughter. Kids are so funny that way. I definitely had to show each of my kids that I care in ways tailored to their personalities.

  10. We show our children love every day so they learn to be loved and learn to love others the same way.

  11. Showing love is important even when I scold my son I alway remember to tell him I Love him. He knows just because he gets in trouble or is being taught a lesson he is still loved.

  12. thanks for sharing, I find it hard to show love when they are naughty and odn’t listen…. I need to remember they are only kids..

  13. My children have very different ways of showing love, so it’s important to show love to them differently! That way they both feel treasured.

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