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You Are a Role Model Now Go Inspire Your Employees


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It is thrilling to know that you can inspire your employees. Inspire means to fill someone with the urge or ability to do something. When a person is inspired she works harder, works longer and is happy to do so. Imagine how much you could accomplish with your business if you had a staff full of inspired employees. How would much more money would you make if you had employees who WANTED to work harder, longer and were happy about it?

Often we inspire those around us without realizing it. At your business are the first person in the door and the last person to leave? If you are, you inspire your employees to show up to work each day. When you come to work do you smile and have a kind word for all those you encounter? If you do, you inspire your employees to look for the good in themselves and others.  Do you face adversity with strength and a determination to move forward? Then you teach inspire your employees to be resilient.  In all these things, you do not have to utter a word, you lead by example.

entrepreneur aka role model www.janeanesworld.com
Get off the bench, you are a role model. Go model something great.


It is often said that children copy what we do and ignore much of what we say. Your employees are similar to children in this respect. No matter what you say about the kind of workplace you want to have, the way you act is what convinces your employees what kind of workplace you have. You don’t have to take a sociology class and you don’t need a psychology degree to inspire your employees. Instead, do something as simple as have the kind of behavior and attitude you want your employees to have. Inspire them with your example. It is more than a cliché, go out and be the behavior you want to see in the world.


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Often sports figures and other superstars say that they don’t want to be role models for other people’s children. My response to that has always been so what, like it or not for some people you are a role model. At your business, never say you don’t want to be a role model. Like it or not you are the shining light on the hill. You are what everyone looks at to determine their place in the universe. You are a role model, period. So, instead of making excuses and trying to ignore or negate that fact, be a good role model. Be what you want your employees to aspire to be.

In conclusion, it is thrilling to know that you can inspire your employees. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, what are you going to do to inspire your employees to greatness?


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35 thoughts on “You Are a Role Model Now Go Inspire Your Employees”
  1. I find that simply being a human as opposed to the face of management goes a long way. Employees want to feel like they can connect with you on a level that isn’t work related too.

  2. You are absolutely right! I remember a client who never showed up to work before 3pm and wondered why his employees who showed up at 8 am treated the job like a joke.

  3. It is so important to be positive. I try to be that way for the kids who are my employees. LOL

  4. I try to stay positive and help any way that I can. Great post!

  5. It is called leading by example. If you want great employees, you have to be hands on. You have to show them that you care. You have to remember that they are watching you…your attitude, the way you do things. Set the example.

  6. I try to stay positive in all aspects of life. Def try to put out a good example for my children.

  7. This is SO true!!! I’m passing it onto my hubby who has more employees than I .

  8. A positive attitude changes everything and it goes a long way down the line. I think its very important to be a good example and not just complain all the time (it really is like the children scenario).

  9. I try to always remind myself I am the first role model my kids will have. I don’t always do what I would want them to but definitely try my hardest and most of the time I do.

  10. It’s more than just inspiring your employees. If you have that positive attitude, everyone sees it. Employees, peers, clients…

  11. I agree, sports models/famous people/etc. are role models like it or not. It’s worth the benefits to embrace that and be as good as you can be, at least in public (morally/ethically speaking).

  12. Even more than employees! As a blogger, you are inspiring the world 🙂

  13. I wish I had some employees! Soon I will (hopefully) be hiring a/some VAs! 🙂

  14. Cute pic and saying….a very so true post.

  15. I wish I had some employees, but I don’t. I am my children’s role model thought and I try to lead by example and be the best I can be. Great post once again.

  16. I do not have employees, but I agree with Kay, there are a lot of bosses out there who should read this!

  17. Do not have any employees but i think a lot of bosses need to take note and learn from this.

  18. This is interesting advice for business owners to keep in mind! – Jenn @ The Rebel Chick

  19. This should be every boss’s mission statement. It would make it so much easier to come to work and be happy if our boss provided a place and an example to be inspired by. Beyond just the every day task, but hope and inspiration to do better. Better work performances would come out of it!

  20. This is a great article at the right time for me, I just started hiring employees in every state, and it is hard to be a leader to all of them.

  21. This is a great quote or commission. We are all leaders in some capacity

  22. I don’t have any employees, but I try to be a good role model anyway.

  23. No employees but I think this is good for any relationship.

  24. I agree so much about adults inspiring children to be the best or worst in themselves. Thanks for sharing.

  25. So often we don’t realize the impact we have on others. I like to think that I am an inspiration to others. It’s definitely something to strive toward.

  26. I happened to run into one of my previous students at his job this week! He said I inspired him to be an educator!!!1

  27. Actions show who we are much more than just our words. Excellent reminder that this works in business as well.

  28. I don’t have any employees. However, I have been inspired by bosses before, especially ones that care about the employees and not just a paycheck.

  29. What happens if you don’t have any employees! haha – I hope that I can inspire my students instead!

  30. I don’t have employees (though during the school year, I have student workers.) That said, when I worked for a previous company, I had a boss who did NOT inspire me one bit. I’m so glad to be working in a place where my co-workers inspire every day.

  31. I do not have employees. I hope that my husband and I will inspire our children through our work ethic and by what we have been able to provide them with,

  32. So true, we often inspire those around us without even knowing it! I think it’s a great idea to show a great example in the work place and hope that others will follow!

  33. Employees absolutely will model what they see, and management needs to be willing to jump in the fray and show they’ll work alongside the employees too!

  34. It’s totally true – employees are like children when it comes to following directions and such.

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