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Pay It Forward With A Backpack and Campus Book Rentals

Recently, I was blessed to come in contact with a fellow blogger who was participating in an exciting program through Campus Book Rentals. The program is the BTS pay it forward backpack event. As part of the event, Campus Book Rentals gave us $25.00 to purchase school supplies and a backpack and donate the items. It was just that simple. Bloggers were free to shop anywhere we waned, buy any supplies we wanted and donate the backpack and supplies anywhere we wanted. All Campus Book Rentals asked in return, is that we write a blog post about the experience. Well, almost everyone has heard the expression, “fair exchange is not robbery.” In this case both parties are definitely getting a good deal. I have to admit, it is one of the easiest ways I have ever seen to give a charitable gift.

As the mother of four children, I am keenly aware of how much school supplies cost and how important it is to get good quality supplies. Backpacks in particular are very important because if the right backpack is purchased at the start of the school year, the backpack will make it through the entire school year. So, the most important supply for me as part of this challenge was to find a good quality backpack at a price that enabled me to also purchase other school supplies.

I thought this bright Jansport backpack would be good because the bright red color would make it easier for kids to spot the backpack no matter where it lands. ($12.99)


These spiral notebooks were on sale for .10 each so I purchased the maximum I could under the sale terms 20 ($2.00)


This loose-leaf paper was on sale for $1.00 per package I purchased 6 packages $6.00


These Crayola markers were nicely priced at $1.19, I purchased 2 packages because my kids always need one pack for school and one for home.


This pack of Crayola crayons was only $1.00 so again, I purchased two packages so that the child who gets this backpack will have one pack for school and one pack for home. $2.00


I arranged for my son to give this backpack of supplies to his elementary school so that the counselor and principle can provide the entire pack in whole or in part to needy kids at the school. My husband, children and I all like the fact that we are able to make a donation to a family in need in our community because we remember all the meals that were donated to our family when were injured in a horrible hit and run accident back in April.


So, for a total of $26.89 including tax, we were able to help a child have a nice start to the school year. It is wonderful for us to have this opportunity to pay back by paying it forward!

In case you are not familiar with the sponsor for this event. I would like to tell you just a little about Campus Book Rentals. It is a company that has been around since 2007 and helps students live a more affordable life. Campus Book Rentals does this by offering students up to 90% off their text books. In addition, it helps students make money by providing a services for students to rent their textbooks to other students. In other words students get to make money while helping other students save money. Once again, “fair exchange is not robbery.” This is a win-win situation for students and for Campus Book Rentals. Please refer students you know to Campus Book Rentals so that they can continue to support programs like this one.

I highly suggest you take this opportunity to reach out and do something kind for a school child in your community. It will make you feel good and it is a great lesson to start the new school year with for your children.

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  1. What a fantastic way to give back, Janeane! I had students that really just needed a little bit of help, I am sure a backpack filled like this will be such a blessing!

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