• Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

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Look for the Good, The Secret Thrill Life’s Sucky Parts

Look for the good in things because sometimes there is a hidden secret thrill. A little effort may make life a little better!

Look for the good in things because sometimes there is a hidden secret thrill.

Today I have to do some chores and go on some visits I do not want to make. In fact, one of the visits I am not happy about. But I am getting up, getting dressed, and getting a good attitude. After all, the job has to be done. I am going to behave as though I am thrilled to do all I have to do and look for the thrill, in what I have before me.

Often we put off things we don’t want to do or avoid seeing people for things we think will be unpleasant. Perhaps in those actions, we miss the blessing God has in store for us. Today I shall look for the hidden thrills around me and I am confident my life will be better as a result.

If you search for the secret thrill you will find it.

We all have days like this one. Days when nothing on our to-do lists sparks joy. Perhaps the best thing we can do when the to-do list sucks is to look for a thrill. Yes, we have to clean the house and that sucks. But, what if after the house is clean we can take a nap in a clean place?

Or, is there something thrilling you can do once you get through the things we are not looking forward to? So, if you go handle some chores that just make you sick, can you treat yourself to some ice cream afterward?

Stop looking at life as being full of things that get on your nerves. Instead, find thrills in life that make the things you don’t like worth doing. So, the question for you this wonderful day is where can you find a secret thrill in the sucky parts of your day?

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