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Let’s Talk About Working Moms

On Thursday July 10, 2014 I was a special guest on the Make It Last Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio. The topic of the day was the transition from a career oriented life to a family oriented life. Being a Stay at Home Mom is appealing to many; however, there are some pros and cons to becoming a stay at home mom. I joined host Pamela King and I and we talked about this issue that is important and relevant to all of us.


34 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Working Moms”
  1. This is amazing! I’m so proud of you and I’m sure you will be amazing!

  2. Congratulations! How exciting! Good luck with the interview.

  3. Oh, this is today. I will try to tune in. Congrats!

  4. That is wonderful that you get to do a radio show! How fun! I hope you have a successful show!

  5. What a great topic! Good luck with the show! (I know I have a lot I could talk about being a working out of the home mom.)

  6. Sharing is caring. Shared it for you, I hope you get a big turnout. 🙂

  7. Hey Janeane,this is fantastic that you’re being featured. Congratulations and I know you’ll rock the show.

  8. Congratulations on such an awesome opportunity! I am sure you will do an amazing job.

  9. Congrats on the show! I will try to tune in and check it out. You will be fantastic!

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