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Why You Should Let Your Kids Have Screen Time with Verizon FIOS

I would like to thank Verizon FIOS for sponsoring this article. All opinions and the obvious joy and satisfaction with the Verizon FIOS service are all mine.
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If you have Verizon FIOS there are millions of good reasons to let your kids have MORE screen time. As the new school year gets underway it is a good time to check out educational websites that can help your children have a better school year.
Don’t be fooled by the slogans, not all screen time is bad time.
All over the United States, the new school year has either started or is about to start. If you read the newspaper, many blog articles or social media posts you have seen dire warnings about the dangers of allowing children to have screen time. It is important to realize that there are many benefits to children having screen time.
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My children are blessed to attend school in one of the best school districts in the country. Starting in kindergarten they are given homework that requires them to use the internet to do their homework and to find resources for school projects. This means that starting at the age of 5 children are using the computers on a regular basis. This is because our world has become increasingly computerized. At libraries, fast food restaurants, supermarkets and doctors’ offices, things that were once done by pen and paper are now done by computers. We cannot allow nostalgia for pre-computer, smartphone and tablet days to keep us from allowing our children to become computer literate and computer savvy.
Some parents want their children to practice what they learn in class each day. Other parents want their children to move forward and advance over their peers. Other parents have children with learning challenges and want them to get extra help and support with their school work. Still other parents want their children to have safe fun while using the internet. No matter which of these parents you are, there are millions of great websites to help you!
Here are a few sites that will help your children do better in school and enjoy it.
If you want to help your children with multiplication, http://www.multiplication.com/games/all-games is a great place to visit because it makes the learning fun for kids from first grade up through high school.
 screen timeIf you want to help your children to have fun and solve puzzles at the same time, check out the brain teasers the text book company Houghton Mifflin has a nice site. Check it out at http://www.eduplace.com/kids/mw/bt/bt_4.html
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 The site, Garden of Praise has resources for parents, teachers and home-schoolers that will help in a variety of study areas including math, puzzles, biography and reading. Check them out at http://gardenofpraise.com/
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These are just a few drops of water in the ocean of educational sites available. Try these, if you like them great, continue to use them. If you do not, check with your children’s schools. The teachers, counselors and administrators should be able to recommend sites that are specific to meet your needs and those of your children.
Kids need fast internet service, use Verizon FIOS to get it.
No matter what websites you use to help your children do better in school, you need fast internet speeds. If you want your children to use the educational sites, your connection must be fast enough for things to run smoothly. If there are delays moving from one section to another, children will lose interest and not stick with the educational fun. Verizon has a variety of options designed to meet your needs for speed, reliability and service.  Here are a few of them.
screen time
screen time
screen time
FIOS internet comes in several speed options. Check out the following list:
50/50 Mbps     – this allows you to upload and download in a flash. It allows you to play games and stream videos virtually lag-free
100/100 Mbps  – among the fastest broadband speeds. It allows you to download movies in mere minutes, upload photos in seconds and effortlessly use all your devices at once.
150/150 Mbps     – this premier speed is for serious internet users. This is great if you have multiple devices doing intense activities all at once.
300/300 Mbps     – this speed is great for multiple hardcore internet users. Use this to connect all your devices and push them hard.
500/500 Mbps     – this is Verizon FiOS’ supersonic speed. If you have lots of users and lots of devices downloading, uploading, streaming and sharing files all at the same time. This one is for you.
My family and I have been going crazy with the fast internet.  We have also been enjoying the FIOS TV. One cool feature is that you can get the channels you like and skip the channel packages you don’t. The ability to pause, rewind and record live television is awesome as well. I am not even going to tell you how many times the ability to pause the television, look something up on the internet and go back to the television show has come in handy at our house!
The new school year is a great time to get started with Verizon FIOS. Don’t wait, make sure it is available in your area and order it now.
17 thoughts on “Why You Should Let Your Kids Have Screen Time with Verizon FIOS”
  1. My new 6th grader uses several online apps. They have games and many options for her to learn. Lets her keep learning outside of school.

  2. There are definitely some sites that have distinct value for our kids. You make a great point!

  3. Pretty cool that you can customize your own plan. This looks awesome!

  4. Managing your kids screen time is so important. However, just like other forms of technology it can really help kids learn if used appropriately.

  5. I don’t have verizon but this sounds great! My hubby and I monitor screen time everyday with our kids.

  6. I need something better in my MIL’s house and hopefully not super expensive

  7. Verizon sounds like a great internet company. I wish we had it here in Canada. I will have to share this with my American friends.

  8. I wish we had FIOS over in our region. It is in some of my area but totally skimpped over my part of the city.

  9. I’ll have to check out a site or two you’ve suggested. I have a hard time keeping my son interested and engaged in physical school work. Maybe something online will help keep his interest.

  10. I agree that not all screen time is bad. I think we have to allow them access to it so they can develop healthy habits because technology is here to stay.

  11. There’s no doubt about it, our children are a generation born and raised on computers. The future is going to be computerized as well. So, not allowing children screen time is only going to put them further behind in their education. While it should be limited, I agree, screen time is a necessity in today’s world for children.

  12. We don’t have Verizon in Canada but I do like a fast internet service. It’s great that there are websites that help children learn while having fun.

  13. This sounds awesome! I will be checking it out for sure! I know my grand kids will enjoy it when they come to visit.

  14. I am having a hard time with screen time anything, there so much research going into it, and I already feel the TV is on too much in my house! Lol

  15. I work from home and I was having issues with my internet speed with another carrier. I decided to give Verizon FIOS a try and I have not had any more issues. I am so glad that I made the switch.

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