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Learn a New Way to Take Action Now – Create a TAN Network

It is magnificent to learn a new way to take action now by creating a TAN network. In order to accomplish your mission, to get things done and to make your dreams come true, there always comes a time when you must TAN aka Take Action Now.

No mater how much you plan, no matter how much you dream, no matter how much you want something to happen, it will never happen until you actually take action. The key to success and accomplishing your goals is to take action now. Sometimes we can find something in ourselves that gives us what we need in order to take action now  to accomplish our goals. However, sometimes we cannot do it all on our own and we need people to work with us, to help push us to take action now. When you are at a point where you need help to take action now and to get motivated to take action, but cannot act on your own, it is time to gather a support network.


Janeane's World Lean to TAN with a TAN Network
Janeane’s World Lean to TAN with a TAN Network


When you are looking for a support network, don’t just gather people who you like. A support network that will help you Take Action Now should be made up of people who:

Understand the goals and objectives you want to accomplish
It is important that people who will be part of your TAN network have a clear understanding of what your goals are. It is your job to make sure they understand what you want to accomplish. By making your plans and goals easy to understand by the members of your TAN network, you make it easier for them to help you. Keep in mind, if you cannot explain your goals and objectives to those in your TAN network, it will be harder to accomplish them.

Will objectively look at your behavior
Your TAN network should be made up of people who like you, but have the ability to look at your behavior through objective eyes. If the people in your TAN network are “yes men” or can only see the negative in what you do, they will not be able to give you the objective advice and feedback you need. At the beginning of the relationship, make sure the members of your TAN network know they can safely give you objective advice. Let the members of your TAN network know you are depending on them to give you objective an honest feedback and that the relationship will not work unless they do.
Have the time to meet with you on a regular basis
It is not necessary for you to meet with your TAN network everyday or even meet with the real world. However, you must be able to meet with the members of your TAN network on a regular basis. Regular meetings are important because they give you deadlines for performance. In addition, regular meetings may force you to step up and do work so that you have something to report to the members of your TAN network. 

Possess the experience and necessary to give you good advice

One of the purposes of creating a TAN network is to have a group of people available who can give you good advice and counsel.  This means you need to gather together people who have experience that is relevant to your goals and objectives. It is fine to have people with different levels of experience and different levels and types of education. The key is that you want advice from people who reflect more than just your own view of the world.

When gathering people to create a TAN network, take your time, be careful and select people who will form a good team to support, advise and challenge you. In conclusion, it is magnificent to learn a new way to take action now by creating a TAN network. So, the question for you this magnificent day is how can you use your networks to help you take action now?