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Job Search – An Opportunity to Learn

A job search offers many things including an opportunity to learn. When you view the job search as a learning experience even if you do not get a job, the outcome can still be seen as good. 


Job Search listing and the words "A job search offers many things including an opportunity to learn. When you view the job search as a learning experience even if you do not get a job, the outcome can still be seen as good. "


It is wonderful to look back at your job search experience and see what you have learned. Almost everyone who works searches for a job at one point or another. Employees move from company to company for a variety of reasons. Entrepreneurs look for clients and business opportunities, in other words, they go on a job search. Freelancers look for a new assignment as soon as one is completed. In other words, they go on a job search. No matter where you fit in on the job search spectrum, it is important to take time on a regular basis to reflect and discover what it is you have learned while on the job search.

No matter what the role of the person on the job search is, they all learn. Some of the things to be learned are the same no matter who is looking for the job. These things include:

• Status of work in the industry
• Number of applicants for each type of work
• Geographic area where the type of work desired can be found
• Skills required to be successful at the type of work desired
• Job seeker’s level of tolerance for risk and uncertainty
• Traffic patterns in the area where the work will be done

It is important to pay attention to many things while doing a job search. There are many balls that must be juggled at the same time if the job search is going to be successful. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the things being taught, to take advantage of lessons learned. When one looks at the job search as an opportunity to learn instead of just a task that must be completed, the character of the job search changes.


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job search a chance to learn www.janeanesworld.com

When one looks at the job search as an opportunity to learn there is no failure. One may still get turned down for an opportunity or lose a job to another applicant, but if one uses it as a teachable moment it is a good thing. After each step in the job search process, take time to look at what you have done, make a list of what you have learned.

Use that list to help you make better and more informed choices about the job search in the future. It is not true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Instead, it is true that you can learn new things every day if you try.

In conclusion, it is wonderful to look back at your job search experience and see what you have learned. So, the question for you this wonderful day is what have you learned while searching for a job?


46 thoughts on “Job Search – An Opportunity to Learn”
  1. I hope you are successful in your job search soon. The blows to the ego are hard, but when we take something good away from the experience it is not a total loss.

  2. It is hard to look for jobs and to be continually rejected, the blow to the self esteem is hard, we have to find a way to get something good from the experience.

  3. I wish your daughter success in her job search and congratulations on her recent college graduation.

  4. I think that job searching is a continuous learning experience each and every time I do a search. I’ve been learning how to put in better search keywords too.

  5. Definitely a challenge finding the perfect job. I got into a field where outsourcing is the norm, so I pretty much work for pennies now. It sucks, but nothing can be done, so it’s off to jump hunting I go.

  6. I think my biggest fear of job hunting is the interview. There are definitely jobs out there I could use.

  7. As I’ve been searching for jobs lately, these are really great tips. It is definitely a learning experience when you’re out searching!

  8. Great tips. Searching for a job is hard. I know it can be challenging to find what I am looking for and what is available at the same time.

  9. This quote is so true. I worked as a recruiter for a short amount of time. It was always a learning experience and in this day it’s always changing.

  10. I have not been in the workforce for 8 years, my job is at home with our 5 kids homeschooling and taking care of them. I do think when one applies for a job and is not offered the job it is a learning process.

  11. Great tips about what to look for during a search. Yes, I agree that I have learned a lot from going on interviews and looking for work.

  12. You are so right Janea! I have worked many types of jobs and with being military there are some gaps in employment.. Great post.

  13. Looking back on my job searches, I think professionalism and first impressions are the two biggest things I have learned. The way you present yourself, whether online or in the real world, can greatly impact if you receive a position or not.

  14. Just recently I did not get a position I interviewed for. It was definitely a blow to my ego. I had some soul searching to do. Very enlightening post.

  15. most things are a learning experience if you take the time to reflect on it!! job searches are really a humbling experience for most of us

  16. It’s been a while since I had to search for a job, when I did .. I have to admit it was a blow to my self esteem! Thanks for this inspiring post!

  17. What a great attitude! Reminds me of the Polyanna movie and the “glad game.” I know, it is an old movie, but a good one 😉

  18. Great information. I will have to pass this on to my daughter who recently graduated from college. Any tip will help!

  19. My husband has been doing a lot of interviews at his job lately and he comes home w/ all sorts of great tales of what went on!

  20. It’s been a while since I’ve searched for a job. But once my youngest starts preschool, I will have to start!

  21. I’ve always said that it’s your job to find a job when you’re unemployed. And you’re right. You will always learn something as you search for a job!

  22. As a freelancer, I have learned that accepting lowball offers isn’t fair to me and belittles my talents and work ethic; when I first started freelance writing, I found it all too tempting to just accept whatever jobs I was offered, often working for rates that weren’t fair in comparison to my levels of skill and expertise. Only accepting rates that are fair is completely worth it because those are the only clients worth working for.

  23. I’m passing this on to my best friend. She is looking and really struggling to stay positive.

  24. I believe I’ve learned something from every job I’ve had! I love the “click to tweet” quote you have!

  25. Every job search is definitely an opportunity to learn. It is good to think about that when you’re having a hard time.

  26. My daughter and I were talking about this recently. It definitely gives you experience for different interview styles and techniques. Being able to talk off the cuff like that is always helpful.

  27. Looking for a new job can be so stressful. I like how you change the focus to the lesson learned from the letdown.

  28. It can be so stressful to have to do a job search! I learned being open to something slightly different than what I originally had in mind was a great help.

  29. Yu do get to know yourself when you job search. I hope to never have to go through that again! I am a SAHD and then hope to retire!

  30. Job searches and interviews are definitely places to learn…all of our experiences are.

    And, if they are done properly, you will know if you want to work at the place just as much as they will want to work with you.

  31. Recently I’ve learned that I was destined to work for myself! Job search after job search left me feeling unfulfilled and bored but since starting to work for myself I feel like I have purpose. Who knew!?

  32. I have learned a lot especially after I have put into over 300 jobs with only 2 or 3 interviews. One big lesson was it’s not what you know all the time its who you know especially in my case.

  33. I have been in the position where I was searching for a job…it was NOT fun! Sometimes I felt like it didn’t matter what my criteria were, I was just so desperate to get a job!

  34. While searching for jobs in the past I learned that I had certain criteria that needed to be met (a clean environment, minimal travel, a nice boss (some worked out better than others).

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