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The Job Search is a Journey

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It is wonderful to know that a job search is journey and that you don’t have to take the trip alone. Looking for work no matter who you are from entrepreneur, to freelancer to traditional employee, it is a journey. Think back over the course of your life to some of the best trips of your life. For most people, the best journeys are those where other people came along for the ride. The job search is no different.

Some people hide the fact that they are looking for work. For those people, being out of work, or looking for work is embarrassing or shameful. It shouldn’t be. If you are not independently wealthy, you must find some way to take financial care of yourself and your family. The most common way to do that is by securing a job which means a job search.


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If you are looking for a job, don’t go it alone. Let your friends, associates and others who care about you know what is going on so they can help you. My daughter is an incoming freshman at Spelman College and during a parents’ program they stressed that our daughters should learn to ask for help because, ” a closed mouth does not get fed.” The idea behind that quote is that if you want something you must open up your mouth and ask for it. That is the idea behind taking friends on your job search journey.

If you open your mouth and let people know you are on a job search, that you are looking for work, clients, assignments, you give people an opportunity to help you. I have tried this idea in my own life, and it works. I let my circle know that my daughter is on her way to Spelman College and that I am looking for work – freelance, assignment and writing work to earn money to pay the tuition. As a result, when people in my circle hear about opportunities I may be suited for, they give me a call, text or email message.

Try this strategy in your next job search. Start you search by letting those in your circle know you are on a job search. Tell them what kind of work you are looking for, the salary you would like and the geographical area you would like to work. In addition, when you have a good interview or an exciting prospect, share that information with your circle so they can celebrate with you, pray for you and encourage you.


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In conclusion, it is wonderful to know that a job search is journey and that you don’t have to take the trip alone. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, with whom are you sharing your job search journey?

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32 thoughts on “The Job Search is a Journey”
  1. Absolutely true. I have watched word of mouth help folks on Facebook get new positions and it’s awesome.

  2. I’ve heard that that parachute book is a good one! I am currently “unemployed” but working at home for now. It can be a tough gig!

  3. My husband is currently on the search for a better job. He is always looking to grow so that is great.

  4. That’s good advice to make sure you tell everyone you need a job. You never know who will have an opening!

  5. Telling people you’re looking is definitely important. Word of mouth is the way that almost everyone I know has ever found a job.

  6. It’s definitely good to let other people know you are on the job search. They may know about jobs that you are unaware of.

  7. It’s great when you have a network of friends to know what’s going on. I ear all of the time great jobs from connections

  8. I think you are spot on with this, because networking plays such a huge role in getting work. Especially, as you noted, for freelancers, since it’s good to let people know that you’re open to new projects on a regular basis!

  9. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about looking for an outside job anymore. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 4 years now and although I go crazy sometimes, I absolutely love my job.

  10. Sometimes a series of rejections can do a number in your confidence and self esteem. That usually gets people in a place of solitude and even self pity

  11. Work in south Florida was so easy to find. I’m talking great paying career jobs with benefits pouring out of your ears. That’s where I lived my whole adult life and I took it for granted. Now I’m in Michigan and the standard reply to a great job is, “I’m sorry, we received 450 applications for this position, and while we cannot interview everyone, we appreciate that you took the time to reply.” It’s made me very appreciative of what I had, believe you me. 😉 Thank you for the tips.

  12. I love the quote. It really hit home for me because I am currently looking for a new job.

  13. I look at this search as not a journey, but a job in itself. If you don’t have a job, looking for a job IS your job.

  14. I left my job over a year ago to attend nursing school but when I first got my job I employed the who you know technique and had my parents and friends all call in favors and two weeks out of the military I got my civilian job with the Federal Aviation Administration.

  15. I am happy to be able to say I’m content doing what I’m doing and not looking. – Jenn @ The Rebel Chick

  16. What great advice! I love that you suggest sharing with friends and family!

  17. I always share any of my journeys with my husband. He’s my best friend and supporting, at my current job, and any job I may encounter.

  18. You are right. If folks view job searching as a more of a journey than a hassle, perhaps it wouldn’t seem so overwhelming.

  19. When I was laid off last summer, I let it be known I was searching for a job. I also quickly updated my personal website to let folks know what I used to do, what I was currently doing, and what I wanted to do. I found a job within 4 months (just as some of my benefits were ending!)

  20. Im not gonna lie, in the past when looking for a job I didnt tell people. I got tired of people asking me if I found a job yet and how is the search going, and when I did get someone to give me a job tip…it would be something totally left field of my career (just something to get money in my pocket) so I got discouraged to ask. I think you should ask and speak up to those who would be beneficial to your search and reliable. And use great people as references!

  21. That’s great advice. I know that I’m too proud sometimes to ask for help. :/

  22. You are so right. It’s amazing the opportunities people will let you know about if you let them know that you are looking!

  23. Great tips! You definitely shouldn’t do it alone! It’s great to let people know you’re interested because you never know who can help you!

  24. I am blessed to be a stay at home mom and have my part time (though feels like full time mostly) job be blogging. I can’t even imagine having to step out in the job market today. These are great valid points.

  25. I am not on a job search right now, but you make some very valid points. If you don’t tell people that you are looking- you might miss out on a great opportunity!

  26. My husband is looking! We just moved from Texas to Indiana and the job market is SO different!

  27. Don’t be ashamed to put it out there that you are looking. You might have a friend who is great at finding leads who is willing to help you out, but you’ll never know if you keep it to yourself!

  28. Thank goodness i do not have to deal with looking for a job right now.Thank you for sharing this.

  29. Networking is definitley important when looking for a new job. Job fairs are a great way to get started, too!

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