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It’s Work, Go to Work and Don’t Play Around

Here is a new idea for some people: go to work and actually work. There are quite a few people all across America who go to work each day and look for ways to skip as much work as possible. Think about how little sense that makes. It really does not make sense to go to work and complain to that you have to well, work. But, each day millions of people are going to work and spending countless house figuring out ways to look busy while not actually being busy doing the work their employers are paying them to do. Just as you should be grateful for work and should show up like a grown up at work,  when you go to work, you should actually work.
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 What if instead of complaining about having to work at work people got a new attitude and went to work and actually worked. Here are some benefits of actually working at work:
  • increased productivity
  • positive attention for supervisor and co-workers
  • improved reputation
  • increased chance of promotion and advancement
  • less stress and aggravation from trying to hide idle behavior
  • increased comfort resulting from doing the right thing in the right place
  • good application of the Golden Rule
One thing that employees must realize is that work, is just that work. There is an explicit agreement between employers and employees. Employees come to work to do a set of assigned tasks and responsibilities. In exchange for the performance of those tasks and responsibilities the employer provide employees with monetary compensation. If you are one of the employees only working some of the time and only doing some of your tasks and responsibilities, would you like it if your employer only paid you part of your expected salary?  In most cases, the answer is a resounding no!
Once upon a time, people were taught, “Your word is your bond.” It meant if you said something, it was true, it could be trusted and people would bank on it. When you accept an offer of employment, you give your word. That word should be a bond, an agreement, a promise that your employer can trust and depend upon.
wonderful Wednesday, work, grown up, golden rule, work, don't play
Starting today, go to work and actually work, do what you agreed to do, keep your word. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, are you actually working at work?
13 thoughts on “It’s Work, Go to Work and Don’t Play Around”
  1. I am glad you stopped by and liked it! A lot of us need this reminder of what we should be doing. Please stop by again!

  2. I just discovered your blog today and am so pleased to read this post. I love it. It has inspired me (I needed it). From time to time I tell myself to “act like a professional.” For me, that means at least meeting the expectations of my employer. I try to intertwine this with gratitude. Thank you again for this timely and very important message.

  3. Oh my goodness you hit the nail on the head with this! We all have moments where we have a rut and slack off a bit – but if your rut lasts months or years then you might want to do some self-checking and re-evaluating of where you are.

  4. Wow, that is a great idea. I am guilty of making a to do list that is too long and not being happy when I cannot accomplish the impossible! Great idea.

  5. I think sometimes people end up messing around because they are overwhelmed. I used to make these super long, unrealistic to-do lists and then halfway through the day find myself feeling stressed out and defeated and like “giving up.” It is still a work in progress, but I’m finding that I’m more productive when I’m realistic about what I can do and take breaks when I need them, rather than overworking myself until I crash and give up.

  6. Hey at least you acknowledged the issue so now according to Dr. Phil, you can fix it! Good for you.

  7. Ummm…yes I complete all my tasks and I utilize the rest of the time towards being as productive as I can. I spent two weeks give or take on a project because its my name on it…I take pride in what I hand in and I consistently do so…if u saw my task list 😉

  8. Uh, yeah. I’ve been guilty of this more and more as of late. I blamed stress and other things but it’s really just me being defiant and stubborn. Although I am grateful every day that I have a job to complain about I know change has to start with me. #gottadobetter

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