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Inspire Others to Help you Take Action Now to Reach Your Goals

It is magnificent to inspire others to help you take action now and get things done. Inspiration is that special thing or spark that gives the push needed to get a thing done. Sometimes it is a hard task to inspire oneself to do what is necessary to take action now and get things done. For that reason, it is important for you to find a way to get other inspired to help you reach your goals.

photo credit: americanartmuseum via photopin cc
photo credit: americanartmuseum via photopin cc

Peer  pressure is often used to describe the influence that young people have on one another that leads to bad behavior. Peer pressure can also be used  to influence good behavior.  The impact of positive peer pressure is one of the reasons groups like Weight Watchers, Alcoholics Anonymous and various accountability groups. It is part of human nature to want to show off for our peers. It is part of our nature to want the approval of our peers. There are many studies about a phenomenon known as mob mentality or mob influence The idea with mob mentality or mob influence is that a crowd can exert an irresistible urge to behave in a certain manner. With this idea in mind, it may be possible to use mob influence to get positive results for yourself.

One key to succeeding at taking action now to accomplish your goals may be to create a support  group or mob of your own to help you. There are several ways to create a mob or group of influencers of your own:

  • Join a professional organization
  • Create an accountability group
  • Share your big ideas with others and ask for their help
  • Create friendly wagers with friends to get them to help you move forward
 By doing these things you will be able to create a group that is invested in your success. These groups will want you to do well because your success is a reflection of them. Striving for success does not have to be a solitary endeavor. While it is true that your success or failure ultimately rests on your shoulders, it is nice to have a supportive group of people backing you up and hoping for your success. Start today looking for people to make part of your own Success Watchers group. Gather together some friends or peers and create a Supporters Obvious group. Get some people together and form your own mob of people who help each other to take action now to reach their goals.

I am a member of a TAN (Take Action Now) accountability group, a Facebook group for bloggers and I recruited two business partners/friends to help me stay on track. In addition, I have started to get a reputation with my yarn bets. My friends and I challenge each other to accomplish goals. If we do not complete our goals, the loser must give the winner money towards her goal. It is funny because I make wagers only for yarn money. I get teased because if yarn, is on the line, I am getting done what I set out to do! The secret for you in a wager situation is to find the thing that motivates you to move.

In conclusion, it is magnificent to inspire others to help you take action now and accomplish your goals. So, the question for you this magnificent day is how are you going to inspire other people to help you reach your goals?

7 thoughts on “Inspire Others to Help you Take Action Now to Reach Your Goals”
  1. A group can hold you accountable – something I like to have to push me further. I started a women’s incubator group a few years ago, we came up with ideas and went to market with 1. 🙂

  2. A group is a great idea. I spend a lot of time falling down the rabbit hole of the internet some days and could definitely use some accountability!

  3. I’m so thankful for the communities of women in my same mindset that I have found. It really helps to have good support! Especially when others (hubby?) think I am crazy 🙂

  4. I don’t know why it’s so much easier to be accountable to other people than it is to myself, but it works! My team pushes me to do what I say I’m going to to do. They ask questions, and want to know what’s going on if I drop off. I can’t imagine not having my team to support me. Also, it inspires me to push others towards their goal. How can I help you if I can’t help myself?

  5. I’m part of a work accountability group with 2 other freelancers. It’s a great thing, because when I switched from web designer to writer in my career, my friends were very supportive and let me continue to share my goals! My career has taken off with this tool.

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