• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

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Have Fun with Your Technology

Your technology can help you get the job done and it can help you have fun too!

There is news about the power of technology everywhere a person looks. There are news reports, blog articles, newspaper articles, books, and even magazine articles. Some writers say we are too connected to our technology. Other writers say technology is here to stay so we should embrace it. In truth, there is no one right answer.

I remember falling in love with the microfiche machine and films at school as a young student. I thought how wonderful it was to have that many pages of written material in such a small package. Later when I discovered e-Readers I fell in love all over again. Now I own several e-Readers, one of which is so small and lightweight, it weighs less than my smartphone. It contains over 500 books. I have another e-Reader that has well over 1,000 books. I read for pleasure almost every day for an hour or more so my e-Readers are definitely a piece of technology I use for fun.

I encourage entrepreneurs to purchase e-Readers to read for both fun and pleasure. Unlike tablets and cell phones, e-Readers are custom designed to provide the best possible reading environment. They can be read even in bright sunlight and hold millions of pages of information in a space that has a footprint smaller than the typical paper magazine.

Another piece of technology that is custom made for fun is the tablet device. As I have mentioned, I am a techno-geek so I also have several tablet devices. These devices are great for many things including reading magazines. Once upon a time, I could not read all the magazines I wanted because the cost of the subscriptions was so prohibitive. Today, I have a magazine app on my tablets that gives me 200 magazines to read each month.  The tablets have ten-inch screens, vivid colors and make reading the magazines a true pleasure.

I have been a knitter almost all my life. When I knit it is not uncommon for me to be reading a book on my e-Reader and watching a movie on my tablet or smartphone. There are so many apps that provide movies and television programs that our devices can ensure we always have the entertainment we desire at our fingertips.

As this article has shown, I am definitely in the “enjoy all the technology” camp. It is important to realize that our technology is here to stay, so there is no profit in wishing it would go away or bemoaning its existence. Instead, read a good book, check out the latest issue of your favorite magazine, or watch an old favorite movie and enjoy a piece of life.

So the question for you this terrific day is, do you ever use your technology to have fun?