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Get a Handle on Procrastination – Just Say No

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It is terrific to know you can get a handle on procrastination by learning that it is okay to say “no.” Procrastination is typically defined as postponing to do something, particularly postponing to do something as a regular practice. There are of course almost as many reasons for procrastination as there are people who procrastinate. Fortunately for those who want stop procrastinating, there are also almost as many possible solutions.

One reason people procrastinate is because they have too many things to do and they feel overwhelmed by it all. A person with this problem usually has several people asking her to do things at the same time and she finds it difficult to say no. However, this woman must learn to say no at selective times to select requests so that she does not become overwhelmed by an unmanageable to do list and does not fall back on procrastination.

Many people treat their to do lists the way kids in a candy store treat all sweet treats. A kid in a candy store will eat more and more and more candy and not stop eating sweet treats until her stomach is filled to bursting and she is ready to throw up. Many people treat their to do lists just like this. They keep adding more and more things to the lists without any regard to how much will actually get done and when it will all get done. When a person looks down at the to do list at the start of each day, she throws her hands up in frustration because there is too much to do and there is no way it can possibly get done in a day. People with this problem are desperately need to learn to selectively say no.

What does it mean to selectively say no? It means not biting off more than one can chew. When a person learns to say selectively say no, she has taken a big step toward getting procrastination under control instead of being controlled by it.. For example, a mother waiting at the bus stop with her kids is asked by another parent to handle the upcoming school bake sale and says yes. When she says yes, she knows full well that she has other commitments and does not have the time to do a good job on the bake sale. However, she has a problem saying no. In the work context a woman gets roped in on a group project with her peers, but she is behind on three reports, needs to go grocery shopping and her children need new shoes. She should have said no to the extra project.

In order to stop being overwhelmed by your to do list and suffering from procrastination stop saying yes to everything you are asked to do. Instead of giving quick yeses, learn the power of slow nos. If you are asked to do something, look at your calendar. If there is room in the calendar for you to do it and you want to do it, then say yes. If there is no room in the calendar you cannot accept a new task without getting rid of something that is already on the list. In addition, if it is a task you do not want to do and can live without doing, do not accept it. Once you learn to accept only task you have time for and a desire to do, you will be in control of your to do list and will have one more tool in the weapon against procrastination.

In conclusion, it is terrific to know you can get a handle on procrastination by learning that it is okay to say “no.” So, the question for you this terrific day is, what do you need to say no to so important things can get your yes?

63 thoughts on “Get a Handle on Procrastination – Just Say No”
  1. The world needs people who say NO because if everybody got what they wanted, it would be chaotic.

  2. Procrastination is a hard enemy if you can’t resist to do the wrong things..

  3. I find that I procrastinate because I “forecast” that a task will take longer than it actually does.

  4. Sometimes, I felt disgusted when I cannot say no to other’s requests or something that I don’t like. Well, I tried this habit to get rid at once….trying hard..

  5. Words to live by- thank you for sharing. Procastination is a terrible habit of mine!

  6. I always joke that I should stop procrastinating… and that I’ll work on it tomorrow.

  7. I am a terrible procrastinator, I really need to put these tips to work like yesterday

  8. This is such good advice- I like the idea that saying no to the wrong things frees me up to do a better job with the “Yes’s” in my life. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. My to-do list is so long. I try to do a few things a night. I don’t procrastinate, just need more time!!

  10. I proscrastinate QUITE often, and you’re right- it’s often because I’m overwhelmed. It’s such a Catch-22.

  11. Procrastinationis really easy to get sucked into. We wanna do everything for everyone. But being upfront and saying no helps more then saying yes and not getting it done till the last minute.

  12. I learned many years ago that no was a complete sentence. I don’t need to have a reason to say no or explain why I am saying no. I need to stay focused and on task with the things that are meaningful to me.

  13. I love your quote. It totally makes sense too! I have a problem saying no sometimes and so I wander off quite often!

  14. Yes I have a to-do list a mile long right now. Because of that today I was so unproductive, I am going to have to make a daily list and put so many things on each day .

  15. It’s funny that it was just in the news yesterday that scientists believe procrastination is inherited in a certain gene. Whether that’s true or not, I used to be quite the procrastinator but not anymore. I try to plan ahead for everything. Thanks for the great tips!

  16. Love your tips! I need to learn to say no more often!

  17. I’ve been doing so much better with my procrastination. Now I’m procrastinating on procrastinating! haha

  18. Learning to say “no” is so key. It is something that is getting easier for me the older I become.

  19. great tips for balance. I have to put me and my life first

  20. I’ve had trouble with learning to say no in the past. I’m getting better about it but I still have a ways to go!

  21. I need to learn how to do this more often. I hate to hurt anyone’s feelings so saying no is hard for me even though when all I really want to say is H$$$ no. 😛

  22. Saying no is so important for your own sanity. It was hard, but I am slowly learning.

  23. It is really hard for some people to say NO. they will get into some rough situations because they are afraid to say no

  24. It’s like you know me or something! This is so me! I’m a perfectionist and a procrastinator and I love to help people. Not a great combo, but with your tips I will get more organized and start saying no. 🙂

  25. That is so true! Learning to say NO to wrong things was a hard lesson for me because I can tend to be a people pleaser.

  26. Learning to say no is an amazing gift you give yourself. Do it! You won’t regret it.

  27. I’m really working on my procrastination and learning to just say no sometimes. Thanks for your advice.

  28. Learning to say no is such an important life lesson. I give talks to high school leadership clubs and I am always telling the girls how important it is to have NO firmly planted in their vocabulary, because it allows them to focus on what truly is important. – Katy

  29. oh yes! Describes my husband and myself.

  30. I’m happy to say that I have overcome my procrastination habit! It’s very stressful to put things off, because it just leads to more worry. These days, my problem is getting overwhelmed with all the things I’m trying to actually finish!

  31. So true! I often will hold off on something because I just can’t say no. I need to think about my own feelings!

  32. Wise words! I need to start saying no to more things.

  33. Today I’m getting all the not so fun things out of the way before I start my day. That is how I am battling procrastination.

  34. I struggle so much with procrastination. I can be pretty terrible at time management because I try to get a million things done at once instead of evaluating which is most important and working on one project at a time.

  35. Fantastic advice. I try to do what I have planned.

  36. I have started saying no lately to things in my business-life (thanks to a course I’m taking that forced me to try, haha) and it’s helped SO much. I am a lot less stressed and have more time to take on projects I’ll enjoy!

  37. It’s hard to say no sometimes.. But I do need more practice at it.

  38. I agree, sometimes we have to just say no. I have learned this one for sure.

  39. I love this quote! I have been really bad at saying no but I’m trying to get better.

  40. I’m horrible at saying no. Or rather I was. I’m getting better

  41. I am not a procrastinator…thank goodness! Too much to get done each day!

  42. I have such a difficult time saying no, but I’m getting better. My downtime and time with my family is so much better when I can say no to certain things.

  43. Sometimes I have a hard time saying NO! I get myself into way to much!

  44. Lately my issue isn’t so much procrastination… it’s more organization.

  45. I have a hard time saying no too. I actually have been taking some training classes at work to help me with this!

  46. I have a hard time saying NO to people whom I know have a difficult personality. I need to balance this and learn to deal with the aftermath of their attitude instead of just giving in.

  47. I need to start saying “no” to so many things! It’s really about prioritizing my time.

  48. Great tips! Balancing everything is difficult if you take on more than you can handle. I definitely think people need to step back and evaluate what they can really manage.

  49. Learning to find balance and when you can say yes and no is very important! – Jenn @ The Rebel Chick

  50. I also say yes a lot. I just like to help others.

  51. I am actually really great at not procrastinating… Hubby on the other hand is horrible. It takes so much to get him up to do it, but once he does, he is all in

  52. I have learned to Just Say No, and it’s made a huge difference. It’s given me a lot more time to do the things I want to say yes to!

  53. I love the analagy of the to-do list and the candy store! Guilty!!

  54. I am definitely bad about saying yes too much then putting off the things I don’t want to do. This is a great post.

  55. I’m terribly bad at saying yes too much. I do get completely overwhelmed from time to time because of that.

  56. It’s easy to get caught up in bad habits too. I try to catch myself right from the get-go so I don’t get comfy procrastinating. Sometimes I do okay, other times, not so good. Always room for improvement, right?

  57. This is great advice and a lesson that I have had to learn the hard way. I used to never be able to say “no” but have been working on it because I realize that I cannot do everything all at once. I get too overwhelmed and then nothing gets done.

  58. I think I’m getting better about procrastination. I try to do my daily work to stay on tracks if I do not things would get disastrous!

  59. I have excellent time management. Between an MFA and doing theatre for a living, all those deadlines and tight schedules really did a number on my work ethic.

  60. I am SO bad about putting things off. I really need to work on that.

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