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Balancing Work and Home -All Work is No Good

African American working mother and child with words "Balancing Work and Home -All Work is No Good"

When you are balancing work and home, all work is not the answer. You must find a way to give time and attention to work and to your home.

African American working mother and child with words "Balancing Work and Home -All Work is No Good"

Once a week, this magazine publishes articles on ways to balance work and home. Today we will be looking at ways to balance things because all work and no play makes you dull. In future articles, we will explore:

  • all play and no work makes you broke
  • building teams at home and work that respect each other
  • sharing the secret of success

A reality of modern life is that many of us have a work life and a home life We must find a way to balance these two lives if we want to be successful and happy. Everyone has heard the expression, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”  The same thing is true for Jill. We work for many reasons:

  • to earn money
  • for personal fulfilment
  • enjoyment
  • excitement
  • intellectual challenge

No matter why we work, eventually work must stop and we must live our lives. For people with spouses and children, you must find a way to give your home the type of dedicated attention you give work.

Once upon a time, a man was the main breadwinner of the family. He left the house each morning, went out to work for as many hours as possible. Then he came home at the end of the day, Sometimes with only enough time to eat dinner and go to bed.  This man did not get to see his children, did not spend time with his wife.

Often this man thought he was a hero to his family because he was sacrificing his time, his body, and his mental energy to work and provide for his family. Unfortunately, the children didn’t know their father and saw him only as a bank teller. This is because often the children never spent time with their fathers. He did not attend school events. He was working and unable to attend after-school sporting events. This man’s wife was lonely because she was at home alone while her children were at school and her husband at work. She missed the company of the man she fell in love with many years ago.

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This scenario has changed in modern times. In many cases both spouses work outside the home or because homemakers are no longer stuck in the house. What has not changed is workers going to work, spending the majority of their waking at work. Most hours each day workers are absent from the home and their significant personal relationships.

It is no wonder that many marriages fall apart just when people cut back from work because of reaching the desired level of success or retirement. When the partners start to spend time with one another for the first time in a long time, they do not know one another. In many cases, they realize they no longer even like one another.

The moral to this tale is that all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. While you must spend time at work do not make work your entire life at the expense of your personal relationships. After all, at the end, when you are ready to leave this world for the next, it is not your boss, co-workers, or clients you will reach your hand out to for comfort. You will reach for your family.  So the question for you this fantastic day is, how do you keep from being all work and no play.

One thought on “Balancing Work and Home -All Work is No Good”
  1. I agreeeeeeeee, and I do not want to be dull!! I make sure I carve out “me time” I need to do a better job, but I’m getting better. I plan for a pamper me day at least once a month- mani/pedi & facial. I try to get out the state to visit my college friends and now I’m working on finding activities in the city that I’ll enjoy even if I go alone.

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