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The Family that Plays Together Stays Together #ServingFreedom

While all opinions found in this post are my own, I was provided with tickets courtesy of the Philadelphia Freedoms and Comcast.

It is wonderful to realize that the family that plays together stays together and the Philadelphia Freedoms and Comcast are helping make that happen. For many people family play revolves around sports. Those families are about to have a great few weeks thanks to Comcast and the Philadelphia Freedoms. Tennis is coming to the Philadelphia area at the Villanova Pavilion July 15, 2014 through July 23, 2014.


Philadelphia Freedoms Tennis www.janeanesworld.com

Check out the great line up each evening:

Tuesday 7/15     Philadelphia Freedoms w/ Victoria Azarenka vs. San Diego Aviators w/ Daniela Hantuchova

Wednesday 7/16  Philadelphia Freedoms vs. Springfield Lasers: Girls Night Out

Thursday 7/17      Philadelphia Freedoms vs. Washington Kastles w/ Venus Williams

Friday 7/18           Philadelphia Freedoms vs. Boston Lobsters: Kids and Family Night

Monday 7/21        Philadelphia Freedoms vs Austi Aces w/ Andy Roddick

Tuesday 7/22        Philadelphia Freedoms vs Boston Lobsters: 76ers and Military Appreciation Night

Wednesday 7/23  Philadelphia Freedoms vs. Washington Capitals: Guys Night Out

This is such an exciting line up that is sure to help families play together and stay together. To help with that the Philadelphia Freedoms and Comcast have authorized a special discount of $10 off to all Janeane’s World readers who use the code “MOMBLOG2014″ when they purchase an adult ticket.


Philadelphia Freedoms tennis www.janeanesworld.com


I am taking my family opening night on 7/15 and on Kids and Family Night on 7/18. I really hope I see you there! Speaking of seeing you there, please leave a comment below and one comment selected at random will win tickets to take the family to a great night of tennis with the Philadelphia Freedoms!


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In conclusion, it is wonderful to realize that the family that plays together stays together. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, what activity are you and your family going to do to stay together and have fun?



34 thoughts on “The Family that Plays Together Stays Together #ServingFreedom”
  1. Hm… we don’t have one activity that we all do together. We do everything together on weekends though. We are always involved in some type of fun activity together.

  2. You’ll have tons of fun! I’ve never been to a big sporting event like that but I love to watch tennis on TV. I was always jealous because I couldn’t get the hang of it. My brother was a BEAST in tennis when he was younger though! Have fun!!!

  3. It sounds like a very fun event. I always enjoy spending time with my family.

  4. We just did our first sport this spring. It’ll be better as he gets older and then his little brother can play too.

  5. How fun! My family would have a blast. I totally agree with family that plays together stays together!

  6. Love this concept and campaign. Philly isn’t too far from me, maybe we will swing up.

  7. My kids can’t wait to go to their first live match. We have been taking lessons for over a year.

  8. I love that saying the family that plays together stays together! Thats so true and I hope you have lots of fun with your family when you go!

  9. For our family, really anything outdoors is bonding time! I am at my happiest outdoors and I feel like I feel closest to my kids when we are breathing in fresh air!

  10. Someone’s going to be very lucky! And how fun that you’re going to both events!!

  11. Whomever wins the tickets is going to have such a fun time. Have a great time at the opening match!

  12. What activity are you and your family going to do to stay together and have fun? We love board games, fishing together, and ANYTHING outdoor really

  13. We are a sport family. We like to go outdoors and bike/run as a family. Some of us do softball & tennis as well. If we are not all playing we are all cheering. We are a very outdoors family.

  14. We are not a really big sports family. My daughter was active in school sports and my son just started playing football, but we don’t watch it on TV or go to games. My BF has been trying to get me into baseball

  15. Sports Night Out sounds like a great bonding activity. My husband takes the kids to a local baseball game once or twice a year.

  16. Looks like a lot of fun. I know here, Charter and Comcast do what they can for their employees and their families. They give out a lot of free family event tickets and sports tickets.

  17. I love watching tennis. I also love playing with my son (outdoor activities in general, not specific to tennis.) Hope you have a fantastic time!

  18. Your title is great and it’s so true, hope you enjoy the tennis match.

  19. I agree. I love the opportunity to go to events with my spouse and son. And then if we meet other bloggers there it is an extra!

  20. Love your title. That hit home. I’m staying at home this weekend while my hubby and child go to his parents. I feel kinda bad, but I need this time to myself.

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