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Family Game Night With the Globetrotters #GlobieFamily

You can find serenity and happiness in having family game night.  It is a fact of modern life that many families spend a great deal of time doing activities with outsiders. Parents work jobs outside the home and children go to school and have extra curricular activities during the week and on weekends. Often in families, the only time families are in the house together is when everyone is asleep. As a result, time that families to get to spend together is precious. At our house we have family game night.

Family game night is usually a Saturday or Sunday evening when we all get together and play games, watch movies and pig out on snacks. This weekend we are going to a Harlem Globetrotters game. It is called the “You Write the Rules” tour. The Harlem Globetrotters have been delighting families across America and around the world for years. The last time I went to a Globetrotters game I was younger than ten year old son is now. I am looking forward to going to the game and sharing the experience with my family.

We started our pre-game fun by going to http://www.harlemglobetrotters.com/rule and picked our choice for a new basketball rule. It was fun. We got to choose between:
  • two ball basketball

    Photo courtesy of Leon T Switzer, Cal Sport Media
  • double points
Photo courtesy of Leon T Switzer, Cal Sport Media
  • 4 point shot
Photo courtesy of Leon T Switzer, Cal Sport Media
  • penalty box
Photo courtesy of Leon T Switzer, Cal Sport Media
  • 6 on 5
Photo courtesy of Leon T Switzer, Cal Sport Media

I will not tell you how we voted but it was fun to read about the new rules and argue about which one should be a new rule. If your family is anything like mine, everyone will start smiling and laughing at the voting process. . Unlike many professional athletes, the Globetrotters stay on the court after the game to sign autographs and take photographs with the kids. Another great thing I want to tell you is that you can save $7 per ticket by using the promo code”TOGETHER” when you buy your tickets. (Please note, this discount is available on select tickets.)

We are attending the game this Saturday March 9, 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the entire family is very excited about going to the game and seeing the sportsmanship, artistry and just plain fun the Globetrotters bring. I will write later to let you know how we enjoyed the game.
Disclosure: I was given tickets to attend the game in exchange for writing this post. However, all opinions and statements found here are my personal and honest opinions.
11 thoughts on “Family Game Night With the Globetrotters #GlobieFamily”
  1. I can’t wait to hear and see pics of how everyone enjoyed the game! I’ve always wanted to go to one of these games as well, so must add it to my list of things to do with the kiddos 🙂 Thanks for sharing Janeane!

  2. On time my dad got really upset with me when I told him I did not remember going to see the Globtrotters. In my defense I’m sure I was under 5 years old. But from the reports from him and my mom I had a great time and was supper excited to have a really big pop-corn all to myself. LOL

    I’m sure you guys will have a great time.

  3. Wow! This sounds exciting. I love the idea of a family game night. It is so hard to have quality time when schedules are all over the place. But, it is so important to have family time on a regular basis. It is important to spend this special time with family because family is what matters at the end of the day. I cannot wait to hear about your experience with the Globetrotters. I have heard that their shows are entertaining and fun!

  4. Wow!! I have always liked the Globetrotters; I remember the Original group when I was a liitle one and they were all very, very tall (I am sure they seemed like giants to me because I was just a little one, LOL. Nice to have shared the video before seeing them, I’m sure that was a pumper upper for the children. Congratulations, Janeane, ur just doing all sort of fantastic works and motivating so many people. Enjoy the Globetrotters with ur family and, yes, i want to hear all about it.

  5. It is incredible to many how many ways there are to use technology to make life better. Seeing the video made the upcoming event even better and more exciting for them as they wait.

  6. It’s so great that you showed them a video beforehand. Most people don’t realize it, but that’s a great way to ensure greater engagement when they’re at the game! I can’t wait to hear how much fun you guys have!

  7. The twins are so excited. I showed them a Youtube video and they just smiled and their faces lit up. I was so happy to see them so happy. I cannot wait to see them when they see the game in person.

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