• Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

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Emotions Are Sometimes Crazy On the Job Hunt



Emotions are sometimes crazy when you are on the job hunt. Don’t worry if it happens to you. It is okay to be emotional when you are looking for a job. At the same time, in order to succeed, you must learn to channel those emotions.


Looking for a job is an emotional experience and that is okay.

The job hunt can be a very emotional experience. It doesn’t matter if you are a traditional 9 to 5 person looking for a job or an entrepreneur looking for new business. The emotions can be intoxicating or overwhelming because they are so strong at times. All of that is okay.


There are quite a few emotions one can have while on the job search:

  • fear
  • joy
  • anger



If you are a person who works because she needs the money, the job search can be scary. It is scary to need money and not have prospects for earning it immediately available to you. Fear can cause a person to make bad decisions. If you are looking for a job and have started to become fearful because things are not going well, take a breath. Do not let fear control your actions and decision-making. Find a way to remain calm and force yourself to look deep before you leap.


Looking for a job is an emotional experience and that is okay.



For some, the job search process brings feelings of joy. If you are leaving a job you do not like, or can no longer tolerate, there is joy to be found. If one of the places you are trying to interview with is a great opportunity, there is joy to be found. Possibilities for advancement, opportunity, and new ventures can be joyful. If you feel joy while searching for a job, enjoy the joy. Take a moment to sit up and smell the roses aka enjoy the good feeling the job search has brought you.


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