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Embrace Technology and What it Can Do

It is terrific to acknowledge that technology is here to stay and to embrace it.
There is technology to make almost every job easier. Don't be scared to embrace new technology.

It is terrific to acknowledge that technology is here to stay and to embrace it.


Once upon a time, in movies and on television shows, writers were portrayed typing away on typewriters and their productivity or lack of same was shown in how fast their hands flew across the keys. If the writer was on a creative streak, there would be almost non-stop clicking on the typewriter keys. If the writer was suffering from writer’s block, the room would be eerily quiet. Today, writers are using desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even Smartphones crank out masterpieces. Technology makes it easier to be creative in more places.


With all the technological advances that make the work of writing easier, I am always amazed when I come across writers who only use pen and paper or those who only type their prose on a typewriter. They always claim, “This is the only way to write.”  They also claim their work is truly authentic writing. I always have the same reaction. I nod my head and move on. Writing is not less authentic because you used technology to get the words from your head and heart out to the world. A technology that makes life easier should be embraced, not shunned.


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Similarly, I hear many people bemoan the rise of e-readers as the death of books.


E-readers are not the end of books. In my life, to the contrary, I read more since I got my e-reader. There is something quite wonderful about having 3,000 books in my purse at all times! With the e-reader I can buy books 24 hours a day and thus have a world of information at my disposal. I like it. I will admit, that the Kindle does nothing to give me that new book smell I love so much. However, that is no reason for me to hate the technological advances that have put more books at my fingertips than ever before.  I really like technology.

Technology also is useful when getting into shape. Once upon a time, I worked out with a paperback book doing Jane Fonda’s step aerobics program. Later I got VHS tapes and sweated to the oldies with Richard Simmons. Later still I got the DVDs and became a Tae Bo kicking machine. Today I have an app to work almost every part of my body. I have a fit bit to count my steps and measure my sleep. The technology makes it easier for me to exercise anywhere and to keep track of the work I am doing to get healthier and more fit. I really like technology!

Once upon a time, we could only eat what we could grow. We had no storage capabilities. Today, we have refrigerators that make it easy for us to store food and keep it fresh for longer periods of time. I can buy milk at the market and it will stay fresh and delicious in my refrigerator for two weeks. My strawberries stay fresh for three days without a problem. The strawberries would probably stay fresh longer, but with four growing children and a handsome husband, they do not last longer than the three days. I really like technology.


It is terrific to acknowledge that technology is here to stay and to embrace it.



When I started off in business I had to meet my customers in person in order to see them face to face. Later I was able to fax thing to customers. Still later, I was able to email documents to clients. Today there is instant messaging, texting, Skype and Google+ hangouts. Technology has made it possible for me to meet with clients and to see their faces to discuss things. It is a great improvement.I can see clients using technology for small or routine matters and then see them in person only for urgent or important matters. I really like technology.

In conclusion, it is wonderful to appreciate and embrace technology because it makes so many things in life better, easier and more manageable. So, the question for you this terrific day is, what is your favorite thing to do with some of our modern technology?