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Commit to Taking the Job Search Seriously By Sharing Your Plans

It is wonderful to commit to taking the job search seriously by sharing your plans. Normally, when one hears the phrase “job search” what comes to mind is the traditional worker who leaves the house in the morning goes to work and comes home in the evening. However, there are many more types job searches than the traditional picture provides.  Bloggers who are seeking advertisers and sponsors are on job searches. Entrepreneurs who are looking for new customers and business alliances are on a job search. Even people who work at home are on job searches as they must also find new sources of income.

Looking for jobs and opportunities does not have to be a solitary pursuit. Instead, it is wise in many cases to share the news that you are on a search for jobs and income opportunities. Bloggers for example come across job opportunities, PR reps, and potential sponsors on a regular basis. Not every opportunity that is pitched to a blogger is a fit. The jobs that are not a fit for one blogger, will undoubtedly be a good fit for someone else in her network. so, if you re a blogger in search of revenue opportunities, let those in your circle know so that they can pass you opportunities that come their way. In a similar manner, entrepreneurs should let those they come in contact with know that they are looking for additional customers. By doing so, people will feel free to share potential customers and opportunities with your business. People who work at home should also let their networks know they are looking for income opportunities.
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Almost everyone has heard the expressions, “you have not because you ask not” and “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  These expressions hold true in the job search aka search for income streams. If those in your networks do not know you are looking for a job, additional income or more customers, they are less likely to share this information with you. If you are looking for  job, customers or opportunities, do not keep it a secret, share the information with those in your network. One word of warning. There is a difference between gentle reminder that you are on the lookout and hounding those around you for help relentlessly. The first one will get you referrals, the second will get you blocked on the phone and social media! Be kind and considerate to the time constraints of those who could potentially help you.
In conclusion, it is wonderful to commit to taking the job search seriously by sharing your plans. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, do you share your job search plans with those in your circle?
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