• Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

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Commit to Appreciating Technology – Why Not Upgrade

It is terrific to commit to appreciating your technology by upgrading your technology from time to time. There are some people who buy every new gadget and every new piece of software as soon as they come available. There are other people who have not bought a new piece of technology since the Walkman. Neither of these extremes represents the ideal situation. Technological advances in terms of hardware and software are abundant in today’s marketplace. It is important to understand that technology is here to stay and that advances will continue to be made.

Most pieces of software whether on your computer, laptop, smart phone or camera has bugs or small little problems that are irritating, but don’t prevent the software from being usable as intended. After the software has been in use for a while, the developers issue updates that fix the small little problems and or give other nice features. You must upgrade your software in order to take advantage of the upgrades. Over the past five years computer hardware has advanced so that computers are smaller, faster and more powerful than once imaginable. My first computer, the Tandy computer I bought myself from Radio Shack a quarter century ago played Dungeons and Dragons, wrote term papers and went online using Prodigy. That computer while wonderful at the time, will not run any of the programs I use today. It was a huge and heavy thing that was heavy and hard to carry around the room. My new laptop computer is so much more powerful it is beyond belief by comparison. My laptop is so small and light that I can carry it in a large purse with ease. My tablets are even smaller and fit in a small purse. Once upon a time, I bought my telephone from the same AT&T store where I paid the bill. The telephone was a huge heavy thing with a rotary dial and had to be plugged into the wall in order to be used. Today, my telephone fits in a small shirt pocket, has a powerful computer so that I can use it to write my blog, prepare spreadsheets, write proposals for clients, take photos and make telephone calls.

Technology gets upgraded all the time. Devices improve in quality and features increase. While it is not practical to upgrade all your hardware and software each time a new product hits the market, it may be wise to set a plan to upgrade your technology every few years. Many technological advances make it possible for us to do things faster, easier and more efficiently. This is a good thing. Nostalgia is a good thing and it has its place. However, you should not let nostalgia keep you from doing things better and more efficiently. Computers, smartphones, tablets and digital cameras all have a shelf life, with this in mind, set up a fund and save money a little at a time so that as your technology dies, comes obsolete or it is time to upgrade you have the funds available to show appreciation for technology and replace the old with something new

In conclusion, it is terrific to commit to appreciating your technology by upgrading from time to time. So, the question for you this terrific day is, do you have a plan for upgrading your technology?

5 thoughts on “Commit to Appreciating Technology – Why Not Upgrade”
  1. I need to actually get a camera besides my iphone5c

  2. I don’t mind upgrading software to fix bugs and other issues. I do wait a bit to upgrade the hardware. I waited 7 years for my camera, and still bought used. I bought my iPhone4 for $50 even though the 5 was coming out. I’m using the first generation of iPad because it was given to me for free.

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