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Catch it All Now at Best Buy


It is thrilling to get all your technology together to catch it all and have a good time while doing it. Best Buy can help. If you are a writer of any kind, you spend a lot of time in front of at least one screen. With the demands of technology today, it is common to use a n HDTV, computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone and e-reader to get work done and to catch it all. Many people, myself included, use several screens all at the same time. The photo below is an actual look at my desktop when I sit down to work each day.


www.janeanesworld.com catch it all
My desktop and how I try to catch it all.


I like working on the tablet because I can pick it up and move anywhere in the house or yard and work with no problem. At the same time, since I work at home while the kids are at school and my husband is at work I enjoy the noise of watching a movie or television show as I work. My laptop is perfect for that use. In addition, the large laptop screen makes it easy to keep the various social networking sites open and active at the same time.  By keeping my cell phone up and active o mu desk at the same time I am able to handle the messaging that I need to do with various parties easily. Let’s not forget the fact that I use research for my writing articles and books so the screen of my e-readers is in use all day every day as well. All these screens are important to me and allow me to catch it all.



catch it all www.janeanesworld.com
Catch it All with Best Buy


If you want to catch it all and need some new screens to do it, keep in mind that Best Buy helps keep you connected for work or with the excitement of March Madness with the devices and connectivity that makes it possibleClick here to check out ways Best Buy can help you get the most out of your screens.  This post and the advice to get some more screens is brought to life by the brand promise of the latest devices and services, all in one place.

In conclusion, it is thrilling to get all your technology together to catch it all and have a good time while doing it. So, the question for you this thrilling day is when you are working and trying to catch it all,  how many screens do you use?

86 thoughts on “Catch it All Now at Best Buy”
  1. I love Best Buy. They are our go to for electronics.

  2. we get all our electronics from Best buy love them.

  3. Best Buy is still my go to place for electronics. I’m in the market for a new camera and computer! I hope they have a great sale soon!

  4. I am always on some sort of device – my phone seems to get the most use, then my laptop, then my iPad. I love my tablet, but it frustrates me because I don’t have a keyboard and I feel too slow!

  5. I tend to do the same thing, use multiple devices. I start off with my laptop but I have my tablet in the kitchen and carry my phone every where I go.

  6. I don’t feel so bad now I have a lot of gadgets.

  7. there’s too much technology in this room alone. Some days I just want to shut it all down and walk away

  8. Right now I have the tv on, phone next to me and I’m typing on the laptop. We really are all about multiple screens these days.

  9. Ohhhh man my hubby would love this. I am not sure if I should share this post with him or not. hahaha 😉

  10. My husband was just saying we need a new bigger screen I could plug my laptop into! We will have to check out Best Buy!

  11. Glad to know about their great deals. My husband needs some new electronics, especially a desktop. We’ll have to check these out.

  12. I love Best Buy….I bought my last laptop, camera and laptop from there. While I am not quite the multi-tasker as you are, I do use my laptop and cell phone on my desk at the same time. Thanks for sharing!

  13. This is awesome! I tend to have my laptop and phone always handy when i’m working.

  14. I use 2-3 screens – the tv for listening to music channels while I work, my laptop and my iPhone. 🙂

  15. I end to keep a tv on when I’m working because I like the background noise.

  16. These look great. I have 2 screens at my computer and an iPhone handy on the desk too. I get it.

  17. I’m trying not to overload on screens — but I’ll use my computer and iphone at the same time sometimes.

  18. For entertainment, I just keep it to the TV. For work, I switch between my desktop and laptop a lot.

  19. My hubby keeps his iPad (bought at Best Buy incidentally) up and running next to whatever he’s doing so he can keep up with March Madness. He’s pretty happy with his brackets too, knock on wood. 🙂

  20. I’m looking at a lot of different screens right now. I’m doing this on my desktop, I’m looking at emails on my iPhone and the TV is on in the background so I can hear/see the news! That’s multitasking – or a severe case of ADD!

  21. I go back and forth between my laptop and phone mostly! I love best buy!

  22. I work with lots of screens too! I have dual monitors on my desk top and often have a laptop and/or iPhone on too.

  23. I usually only use one screen. But, I do have a lot of different tabs open in my browser at times.

  24. I love Best Buy! I can go in there and not come out for hours looking at all of the different tech!

  25. I’m not into March Madness, but just picked up a new microwave there a couple weeks ago. Got a great deal too 🙂

  26. I’m seriously thinking of adding a second monitor to prevent me from having to flit back and forth all the time to different things.

  27. spoken like a true blogger!! i have my laptop open now with 11 windows and my desktop is on the table with 7 windows open. oops

  28. I have a laptop, iPhone, and iPad on the couch with me, and the TV on in the background. Always!

  29. Funny! Your set up of devices looks very similar to mine! I NEED to catch in all throughout the day!

  30. I love Best Buy! I was just there last week looking at the Apple products! I so want a new computer and some new vlogging equipment!

  31. I love Best Buy (I bought my last desktop computer there.) We have a tablet, but I do very little work on it. It’s mostly for entertainment and games.

  32. Great stuff can be found at Best Buy.

  33. I love modern technology! I love my Nook HD when I’m not on my laptop. I’ll keep Best Buy in mind when I want to get a tablet.

  34. Sometimes I am on my computer texting on my phone and watchign TV on my iPad all at the same time LOL but my tablet is my most versatile for sure.

  35. Love the great deals and great customer service at Best Buy. We are loyal customers!

  36. I am ALWAYS on my iPhone more than anything. I could not live with out it!

  37. Oh, my house is an electronic device haven! We have somebody on something at all times! If it’s not the Smart Tv, laptop, desktop, iPad, iPods, iPhone…it’s a gaming device with the Wii, PS3, or handheld devices! lol…We love our Best Buy!

  38. This is our favorite and only place we will now buy electronics. We love Best Buy and their service.

  39. Best buy is my favorite place to go for computers and phones!

  40. I like to use my Smart HDTV it is so interactive it makes me feel I’m in the game LOL

  41. Most of the time I use my laptop. I also have a tablet but my daughter tries to swipe it when I’m using it. Love Best Buy, I get most of my gadgets there!

  42. Best Buy is one of the best places to buy tech! Love it there 🙂

  43. Most of the time I have three screen. I’ll be working on my laptop, texting/social media perusing on my iPhone, and listening to Pandora on my iPad. I had never thought about using so many screens at once. Too funny!

  44. HA. I work most days from my laptop but there are times I use the desktop computer too as well as the iPad and iPhone. And on occasions the connected camera too. Okay, that’s way too many screens. HA – Katy

  45. My husband loves his tablet, but I hate it. I only have my laptop and my phone. That’s it!

  46. Let see. my phone, the kindle, the desk top, the tablet, so, 4

  47. How many screens….well, I’ve got my phone. My laptop which had an external monitor. But, now it has a baby computer attached. So, three, I guess?

  48. We are frequent shoppers at Best Buy, we get all our electronics there! I love that if I have any issues they take care of us! Hubs has been watching the games on the ipad and his phone lately!

  49. I am a big Best Buy fan, they have so many great sales and offers. To keep connected I try to watch all of the games on my laptop.

  50. I used to prefer tablets until i had the macbook air and now I now prefer macbook air since it’s almost the same size as a tablet.

  51. I love my iPhone, but I could still use more ways to streamline and organize.

  52. Huge Best Buy fans here! We like watching on TV!

  53. I’m definitely a cell phone kind of person. I love being able to take it with me wherever I go, and still be connected to the internet. 🙂

  54. I try to catch it all on my laptop (:

  55. my 3 main blogging tools — My iPhone, iPad and desktop – couldn;t go through the day without them!

  56. I love Best Buy and trust them for all of my electronics purchases.

  57. I use SO many screens! It’s not a work day if I don’t have 20 windows open on my laptop and my two tablets nearby!

  58. I usually have my phone and laptop. They need to be close by.

  59. Two, usually my laptop and my iPhone! We love Best Buy!

  60. I am not going to say how many screens there are in our house. I am just there are six people and everyone has a bunch of screens.

  61. I use 2 screens on a regular basis, my laptop and my cellphone. We have about 10 screens total in the house! My favorite is by far my laptop, though!

  62. Best But is THE best. Love that place

  63. I use 3 screens- laptop, iPad, and iPhone. I really want an iMac though. After my laptop dies, that’s probably what we’ll get.

  64. I think I’ve bought every screen I own at Best Buy!

  65. My husband laughs at me because I have all the gadgets going!

  66. Exactly! I really like being able to spread out and see things clearly rather than trying to go back and forth on one device.

  67. We love Best Buy and wouldn’t shop or trust any where else.

  68. I wish we had a Best Buy closer to us. The closest one is about 70 miles away. Love the place.

  69. We love Best Buy. Its where we get all of our appliances. I could really use a catch all screen.

  70. Love this. I usually have three to four screens going when I’m working. They all have different strengths and uses.

  71. We are crazy about Best Buy! It is my go-to place for all things electronic!

  72. I buy all of my major electronics at best buy! I got my boys their Kindle Fires there at xmas, too!

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