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Better You – Better Business Principle #1 Build Yourself Up

better you- better business

Better You – Better Business Principle #1 Build Yourself Up

This article is part of a special Janeane’s World series called -Better You – Better Business. The articles in this series will share ideas on how to be a better woman and a better entrepreneur. We are calling this series – Better You – Better Business. Today’s article is focusing on the idea that you can have a better business by building yourself up.

It is not easy to be an entrepreneur. In most cases, it requires mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strength. Strength is a funny thing. Often we are born with it but if we are not, we can create it and we can increase it. Take a moment now to look at yourself and your business. Look for areas where your business needs improvement. Once you have that list look for areas that are weak because you don’t have the skills or talents for your business to be strong in those areas. Once you have that list, look for ways to build up your strengths, talents, and abilities in those areas.

No matter where you would like to build up, you can find ways to build yourself up to do better in your business. Start with a simple internet search to get a clear definition and explanation of the terms. From there look for blog articles, magazine articles to give more information. Next look for books at the library, bookstore or online. You will find books for people at every level of expertise in the area. Textbooks are also a good source of information that will help you learn what you need to know and by working through them you build your knowledge, expertise, and experience. Finally, you can also seek out assistance from a fellow entrepreneur who is strong where you are weak. It is also a good idea to hire a professional to spend time helping you to learn and improve.

This learning method will work with any area of business where you need to build your talent, skills, and expertise. No matter how many areas where you need to build yourself up, be encouraged because you can do it, you can get the expertise you need.

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Make building yourself up a regular part of your business operations.

It is my belief that entrepreneurs should ABL aka always be learning. The world is not stagnant it is always changing, growing and developing. That means that what worked in your business yesterday may not work today and may not work tomorrow. Think about things like the typewriter and fax machine. Once upon a time, those two items were business staples. It was not possible to do well in business without them. Then came computers, email, text messaging and video conferencing. These things made the typewriter and fax machine relics. In order to succeed in business, it is important for you to keep up-to-date with technology, cultural changes and changing business practices.

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