• Mon. Nov 20th, 2023

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Begin to See Opportunity as a Thrill and Not as a Problem

egin to See Opportunity as a Thrill and Not as a Problem

Every opportunity is thrilling if we choose to see it that way!

Today, I got up early in the morning and looked at a house that is a mess and a to-do list that seems impossibly long. However, I have decided to have a good attitude about it all. I have a husband, four children, a home and the opportunity to do something with my life. These are things that some people spend all day praying and wishing they possessed. So as I sit here and plan how to clean, get 100 things done, handle the kidsthe homework and all the other work that needs to be done, I have decided to be thrilled, happy to have the opportunity to do all I must do and happy to meet the challenges ahead.


Look at opportunities around you with a good attitude.


I am a WAHM, work at home mom.  When I walk through my home to my office, it is like walking through the lobby to get to the elevator. There are a variety of ways an entrepreneur can look at a messy office area. One way is to see it as a tragedy and something to express anger about. Another way to look at the situation is to see it as an opportunity to make things better – to create a better work environment. One attitude shows a focus on problems, anger, and sadness. The other shows a focus on potentially thrilling opportunity. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which mindset will lead to a person having a happier and more productive day.



Attitude determines altitude and outcome. Therefore it makes sense look at our circumstances as opportunities to do something thrilling and good. I am not naive enough to think the to-do list will disappear or the house will clean itself or that the children will automatically do their chores and homework. I am, however, changing my attitude so that I am happy to be busy instead of overwhelmed and disheartened. So, what I am doing this thrilling day is seeing if my husband is correct when he says, “A merry heart does good like a medicine.” Once you realize that how you feel and how you react is all under your control, life changes.


A good attitude makes even the worst opportunities seem better.


When you realize that no matter how long your to-do list, no matter how many demands your spouse makes and no matter how disobedient your children are on a particular day, you can still be happy, the world is a different place. I mean that literally. Your world is different when you realize that your happiness does not depend on what is going on in the world around you. When you understand that your happiness depends upon the world inside you, you are on the road to happiness, success, and joy. The church girl in me is reminded of the old gospel song that says,

This joy I have, the world didn’t give it to me

The world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away.

It is indeed exciting and empowering to accept the fact that you control your joy and happiness. So today and every day, no matter how hard life gets and no matter what is going on, you can be happy and you can find opportunities that will thrill you!