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Back to College with Lowest Price Unlimited Plans from Walmart Family Mobile #Phones4School

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.
Walmart Family Mobile Aisle Shot www.janeanesworld.com
It is terrific to send your children back to school with a terrific phone an plan like the one I have with #Phones4School and Walmart Family Mobile. I have been a faithful Walmart Family Mobile for quite some time now. I am glad that my connection with #CollectiveBias brought this incredible phone plan to my attention. I first got interested in the phones and plan when I was considering a phone for my daughter when we were looking for the  lowest priced unlimited plans on the market. She had been accepted to several colleges and universities and I wanted to get her a phone with Unlimited Talk, Text and Data/Web to use while she was away at school. That first Walmart Family Mobile phone was such a success. Because the Walmart Family Mobile Plan was Walmart’s Best Plan, I decided to add my husband to the plan.

When I got that first phone for my teenager, I was only thinking about getting something that would be good for her to use while away at college. I knew she was going to Atlanta, Georgia and wanted to give her a phone with unlimited talk, text and data/web so she could call and text home whenever she wanted. At the same time, I thought she could use the unlimited text features to watch movies, do research for class, use Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and to operate her blog, Black Girl, Brown Sugar.

In August, as the college semester started, my teenager has used the talk, text and data/web features on her phone. The phone calls have not come as frequently as we like, but the text message portion of the Walmart Family Mobile plan has certainly gotten a workout. She is living in a new city so the unlimited data/web makes it possible for her to use the navigation programs that came with the phone to find her way around the city and to make it a home away from home. The most important feature about the phone is the service. No matter where she has gone, my daughter has had great reception. Even when she traveled on the MARTA trains underground in Atlanta, she was able to text, call and use the data/web on her phone.

Here at home, the new school year started in September. Since that time, a need has arisen for us to get a new Walmart Family Mobile phone. The kids who are left at home miss their big sister and want to call her, text her, send her photos and mind her business. I decided it would be a great idea to get a phone for the kids who are at home to share to use to keep in touch with their big sister. When we travel from our suburb to the city and to small towns all around us, we have had no problems getting a phone signal. It is a great comfort to know that the service is available all the time, and is dependable. After all, a phone that does not connect you to your loved ones is a waste of money!
Walmart Family Mobile and the Nokia 521 www.janeanesworld.com
Once again we chose the Nokia 521 phone. We chose it this time for the same reasons we chose the phone the first time around. The Nokia 521 phone is inexpensive, it is only $99.88 regular price and just $69.88 if you get it at rollback price. The phone is packed with great features. It is a Windows 8 phone which means it has all the great programs and features the children are used to using on their computers. A really nice  feature is the rooms feature. This feature creates a special place where the kids at home can send notes, photos and messages to each other. A really cute feature about the rooms is that the little kids can see each others’ calendars and know what is going on with each other.
Walmart Family Mobile room feature www.janeanesworld.com
While away at school, my oldest daughter uses Microsoft Office products. These things sync with her cell phone with no problem at all. This means that she can work on her college assignments via her laptop, tablet or the Nokia 521 phone. I am glad we chose this phone and this plan, because it is perfect for a busy college student on the move. At the same time, the kids who are at home are enjoying the phone’s features as well. They like using the built-in song search button to get the name of songs they are listening to and sending those songs to their big sister. The  kids at home also like using the unlimited internet to get information about all kinds of stuff. It may be irritating to their big sister, but each time they learn something, they send a text as if they are teaching the information to their big sister for the first time.
my son texting on the Nokia 521 Walmart Family Mobile www.janeanesworld.com
Most of the parents I have talked to only think about phones for the child going away to college. They do not think about the kids left behind who will need a phone also. The Walmart Family Mobile plan is only $34.88 for unlimited talk, text and web. If you get only unlimited talk and text, the cost is only $24.88 per month. When you add the second line, you save $5.00 per additional line.  I am paying less for three phone lines than one of my good friends is paying for her single phone line!
It is still early in the new school year. If you have a child away from home at college, get a Walmart Family Mobile phone plan for that child. In addition, if the college student will be leaving siblings behind, go ahead and get a Nokia 521 and Walmart Family Mobile plan for the kids still at home. Set up a room so the kids can keep in touch and stay close at heart, even though they are living miles apart.
Walmart Family Mobile phone tug of war www.janeanesworld.com
In conclusion, it is  terrific to send your children back to school with a terrific phone and plan like the one I have with #Phones4School and Walmart Family Mobile with Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web. So, the question for you this terrific day is when you bought a phone for your college student, did you think about getting one for the kids still at home?
27 thoughts on “Back to College with Lowest Price Unlimited Plans from Walmart Family Mobile #Phones4School”
  1. I love how well this plan works for your family! We’re definitely considering it once my son is old enough for his own phone.

  2. This was so sweet…Someday my lil’ guy will go off to college and leave his little sister here. I must make sure they keep in touch regularly!

  3. Thank goodness the oldest in the house isn’t hitting college for another 6 years. (I used to have a Nokia phone and loved it though.) 😀

  4. This sounds like a great family phone plan. We’ll definitely look into it further.

  5. I wish sometimes we had tmoible service here so I could easily cancel the kids phones when they have pushed their boundaries one too many times. Being stuck in a contract can be tiresome with kids.

  6. This is the exact plan I have after a lot of shopping around. I’ve been using it for about a year now and have been very happy with it.

  7. This phone and service sounds like a great option especially if you’re not looking to add a child to your current plan. I love that plan offers unlimited talk, text and data/web!

  8. It really is affordable and we are all giving that unlimited data/web option a workout every month. The college girl uses 20 GB of data by herself!

  9. It is great that the plan makes it possible for them to stay in touch easily. I didn’t realize how much they loved each other until she went away and heard them all talk about each other and the love they feel.

  10. My son needs a phone and I like that I can get him unlimited talk and text for only $20 more than I am paying now.

  11. My older boys have been begging for phones for so long. I am about to give in, and this looks like a great and affordable option for families.

  12. I really need to consider this…and soon! My preteen is desperate for a phone and I keep pushing it off saying it’s too expensive. Seriously, this is a really reasonable plan and price! Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  13. I love how this helps them stay in touch with their big sis. The Walmart plan is so affordable!

  14. I am still under contract with Sprint and it’ll be a while before we’re done but it’s good to know about this. Maybe my 9 year old when he’s 10 can get one instead of me adding him to my Sprint family plan.

  15. I’ve always considered the Walmart Mobile options. We live in a small town though so sometimes our options can be limited.

  16. This is so good to know. I am under contract currently, but definitely something to look into when my contract is up.

  17. I loved this post and I am really curious about this Nokia phone. My family is turning into a Family mobile phone FAM as well!! You can’t beat the unlimited data plan!!!

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