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Action – The Secret to Stopping Procrastination

If you are serious about stopping procrastination, take action.  The secret is just that simple. Stop talking and start doing whatever it is that needs to be done.

It is terrific to know you can stop procrastination by taking the knowing the right action to take. This might seem like a simple point when you first read it. In reality, it is not simple at all. Most people have to-do lists that are longer than their arms. Trying to figure out what activity to do is not always easy. The fact that the to-do list is long and all the tasks seem important makes it difficult to figure out what to do. This activity causes people to sit paralyzed and afraid to act. The lists are full of all kinds of activities. Some are easy and others are hard. Some are enjoyable and some are a terrible chore.

However, some of those chores will yield big results and other chores will push projects along only a minuscule amount. The trick to accomplishing your goals and to stopping procrastination is to find the things on your to-do list that will give you the biggest results and do those first, early, and often. Handling the tasks that will give you the most bang for your buck first, you will start to gain momentum that may propel you to do even more work.





It is a good practice to look at your to-do list each day and to prioritize your tasks based on what will give the biggest return. Start each day with the task that should produce the biggest return first and then do the task with the next biggest return. By working your way through your to-do list in this manner you will get the most out of each day. In other words, this method of action will provide the best return on investment for you. The investment is your time and if you should spend it wisely.

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In conclusion, it is terrific to know you can stop procrastination by taking the knowing the right action to take. So, the question for you this terrific day is, what action are you going to take to kick procrastination in the butt?

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60 thoughts on “Action – The Secret to Stopping Procrastination”
  1. Ugh I’m always procrastinating something. Dinner, blog posts, comments. haha. I think prioritizing is the key.

  2. I am the queen of procrastination. Thanks for this!

  3. If I can put something off I will! To the very last minute. It’s a character flaw that I have tried to correct all my life!

  4. Sometimes procrastination can really get the best of me. But it hardly ends up good. I can really use these tips for the next time I want to procrastinate.

  5. Procrastination was my middle name. I am getting better, and this posts reminds me that I just have to focus and stay on track.

  6. it’ll get me everytime. i’m easily distracted too so thats a double whammy

  7. I always say sometimes you dont have to wait for doors to open sometimes you have to build them

  8. My middle name is procrastination so this year my word of the year was productivity- no room for procrastination!

  9. I often find breaking tasks down into steps helps, too.

  10. Such important advice! I had an action item that I’ve been putting off that I finally did today – felt great!

  11. I’m a big list person. I write them for work, blog, kids & home. It helps me to stay on track and get done what needs to get done. That still doesn’t mean I don’t procrastinate – I do, sometimes I keep pushing things down on the list that I don’t want to do…dreading doing them all day! Kinda silly to not just get it done and over with!

  12. I am horrible at procrastinating at work – and really at home on chores. My blog and Facebook keeps me from doing things I SHOULD be doing!

  13. My biggest thing is to just get started on the list. Often I build it up in my head and it’s much scarier than just tackling one things at a time!

  14. I’ve been procrastinating all week, it’s horrible. But it’s a great suggestion to prioritize the list. I’ll do that.

  15. I love a visual to do list. Post its are my best friend. I love the ones that are oversized with the lines on them. Perfect for me!

  16. Certain things I a a total procrastinator – like painting rooms – tearing apart and redoing! I hate the mess I think that is why I am such a procrastinator when it comes to those task.

  17. Am a procrastinator now and then. Great post

  18. I am such a procrastinator. You hit the nail on the head with that quote.

  19. I have really been working on procrastination the last few months. I think I am finally getting better 🙂

  20. I’m terrible about procrastinating. I’m trying to get more organized and just buckle down and DO it before walking away with an excuse.

  21. I put PRO in procrastination. Great tips. I am tackling tomorrow with these tips!

  22. Having a long to do list can really be paralyzing so what I do is to take it one at a time and focus to finish faster.

  23. You are speaking to my heart right now! I just shared my goals for April and how I need a kickstart to get going. Thanks!

  24. I’m a horrible procrastinator. It’s something I’m working on.

  25. I’m so guilty of heavily procrastinating! Thanks for the tips, I need to start prioritizing my tasks asap!

  26. I know I procrastinate when I feel inferior or uninformed. I guess taking action to better inform myself will help my not procrastinate as much.

  27. I am working to stop procrastinating by doing my least favorite tasks before I do anything fun. That way I have something to look forward to and motivate me.

  28. I used to be a crazy bad procrastinator, and honestly, I work really well under pressure. However, as I’ve grown I’ve come to realize I need less stress, and procrastinating is not good for me! LOL! Great tips, I’ll have to be sure and look at my list more carefully next time and choose the item that will yield the biggest results first!

  29. I tend to procrastinate a bit more than I should. These tips are very helpful and I’m going to have to try some of them.

  30. Getting up and doing something RIGHT NOW is the only cure 😉

  31. This is my issue on losing weight! Thanks for the read.

  32. I have to agree with what someone else wrote that I work better under the gun. I procrastinate but once I’m down to the wire, I do really good work. It’s not the best but it has worked for me.

  33. These are great tips. However, I absolutely thrive on procrastination. I absolutely DON’T recommend it but I’m one of those people who survive and live well on procrastination. I’ve been able to pass major tests, complete big projects very well, and do most things because I’ve procrastinated. I think it’s the pressure that’s helped me.

  34. Great idea. I seriously need to think about the order I do things and make sure it’s logical. Thank you!

  35. Oh, how I need this reminder some days! Love your tip on prioritizing your projects for maximum efficiency.

  36. I am right there with you… I am such a procrastinator. I have found that I procrastinate less in the morning, so I try to do everything I can then.

  37. I definitely struggle with procrastination.. even though I know how good it feels to just jump in and get things done! Thanks for this guide through it all!

  38. Yep, I am the worst at procrastinating. I do it all the time and needed to read this! Thanks!

  39. Yes, I need to start making to do lists and checking them off! I’m so bad at procrastinating..

  40. Procrastination can be a huge time waster. Great reminder!

  41. There are one or two things that I tend to procrastinate with. Lists can be very helpful.

  42. Great advice and encouragement I needed!

  43. great encouragment! i need to remember your advice!

  44. Great advice! For me, the more I have to do, the more likely I am to procrastinate. I will heed your words!

  45. Thank you for the encouragement! I’m so bad at procrastinating. But I’m getting better though and getting a lot done.

  46. I’m a horrible procrastinator. What action am I going to take? Apparently the right one. 🙂

  47. This is wonderful advice for someone like me who tends to procrastinate!

  48. Sometimes I’m on top of things. Others, I procrastinate. I’m conflicted, I suppose. I try to never procrastinate for business things!

  49. I am definitely a procrastinator sometimes and there are times that I just need to get my butt in gear and get done what I need to.

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