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Work Vigorously to Make Your Business/Blog a Success

It is thrilling to work vigorously for the success of your business or blog. Entrepreneurs are forced to wear many hats in the course of running their businesses. They must be parent, counselor, advisor, financier, marketer, as well as chief cook and bottle washer. One thing is common to every hat the entrepreneur must wear, that is that the entrepreneur must act with vigor, must vigorously do all that is necessary to help the business. Often entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking about their businesses as little hobbies or as sideline jobs. Bloggers, for example, are particularly guilty of this vice. Many bloggers earn advertising revenue or revenue for writing sponsored articles. Bloggers who are earning money with their blogs are entrepreneurs. As such, they must act vigorously to protect, grow and create sustainable enterprises.
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Bloggers who are attempting to earn money, to make a living from their blogs, must work vigorously to grow their businesses. It is important to work to perfect the work of writing, owning and operating a blog. In order to do that, the blogger must take advantage of opportunities for educational programs. It is important to learn about blogging platforms, HTML and CSS coding, statistical analytics, social media, publicity and the creation of a brand. Those things are unique to bloggers and the blogging industry. At the same time, the blogger must concern herself with the same things any other entrepreneur must concern herself with. For example, the blogger should:
  • Have a plan business plan – a plan for where you want the blog to go, audience, marketplace
  • Understand the marketplace
  • Know the top five competitors in her niche
  • Have a budget for expenses – domain, hosting, technical support
  • Work to improve her industry knowledge
  • Devote time and energy to the blog on a daily basis
  • Have set work hours and work on the blog during those hours


These are not ideas for the person who blogs for fun, or for personal enjoyment. These are suggestions specifically for the blogger who is seeking to earn a living from the blog. Bloggers who are trying to earn a living from their blogs must take their obligations to their readers seriously. They work hard to engage readers, to build a community with them and satisfy their needs. Part of that job, part of the mission, is creating a business enterprise, aka a blog, that will be around and satisfying customers aka readers for the long haul.

In order to be around over the long haul the blogger must act vigorously and treat her blog like a business. Keep track of expenses, income and file complete and accurate tax returns that reflect this information. Talk about your blog/business whenever possible to  garner publicity and make connections. Carry business cards so that you can spread the word about your business/blog on your travels. Keep up to date with changes in the areas you cover in your blog. Learn to take good, big, bright and vibrant photographs to please your readers. Improve your actual writing by taking courses, reading books and getting feedback on the quality of your writing from trusted advisers. Look for opportunities to interact with potential advertisers. In other words, work vigorously for the success of your business/blog.

thrilling Thursday, business operations, fit and healthy business, health and wellness business, healthy business environment
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In conclusion, it is thrilling to vigorously work to protect your business/ blog and help it to prosper, grow and become sustainable. So, the question for you this thrilling day is, are you vigorously working to protect your business?

3 thoughts on “Work Vigorously to Make Your Business/Blog a Success”
  1. Hmmm I have to admit that I only do a fraction of what I know I need to do. My issue is not setting the time aside to get things done …I find the tasks are more than the time I have to do it :-/

  2. Sometimes I get tired of working vigorously, but then I remind myself of all the successful bloggers and business professionals I know, They hustle. Hard. Donald Trump only sleeps a few hours a night. Success takes sacrifice.

  3. Hm, the “have a budget” is the one I struggle with. Less than zero doesn’t count, I suppose, lol!

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