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Be a Quality Presence at Home and Work

It is fantastic to balance home and work by providing quality attention to both areas. Many women spend time trying to balance responsibilities to home and work. Often, the time spent in one area far outweighs the time spent in the other. It is very rarely an even split of hours. Since life makes is necessary for us to take care of home and work, we should concentrate on the quality of our time and efforts.

At home, if we want to give our families quality we must give them attention, compassion and treat home as if it is important. When at home, give home all of your attention, all of your efforts. It is important that you do your best to show those at your home that they are important and worthy of the best you have to give. You would never go to work in rollers and dirty pajamas for example. So, why not give your family the treat of you looking good, well-groomed and carefully put together. At work, you take time to put together good reports, you keep your desk stocked with the appropriate supplies. At home, keep your cupboards stocked. Make sure there are adequate supplies of toothpaste, toilet paper and soap for example.

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At work, be kind, considerate and compassionate. You would never be mean to your sick and suffering child. When a co-worker is suffering be a quality co-worker, show empathy and compassion. At home you do your best to make good meals for your family, you make sure to clean the house and give out the aspirin and bandages when needed. At work, get your reports and assignments done on time, keep track of the conditions of the tools you use. When you are at work, get a good attitude and give those around you good quality.

Often people will forgive a lack of quantity in an item if the quality is superior. When it comes to home and work, you may be unable to increase the quantity of time you spend in either area. After all, the hours you are required to work are usually set and cannot be changed if you do not want to be fired. The quantity of time you spend a home is dictated by the time  you must spend at work, on chores and handling matters for family members. There are only 24 hours in each day and nothing you do will increase that number.

Quality is a different matter. No matter how good you are at a thing, no matter how amazing what you do is considered by others, there is always room for improvement. Quality can always be improved because we can obtain more skills, improve our techniques and get better. Quality is something we should ever work to improve. Take steps to improve the quality of your actions at home and at work.

It is fantastic to provide quality in your dealings with those around you at home and at work. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, what are you doing to provide a quality presence at home and at work?

8 thoughts on “Be a Quality Presence at Home and Work”
  1. Thanks for sharing great tips! Sometimes I really struggle to be a quality presence at home. But I work on it little by little.

  2. Since I’m always home, it’s hard to remember that just because I’m “there” doesn’t mean I’m always “THERE” when I should be for my kids. It takes a bit of refocusing to shift gears from teacher to writer to mom and keep everything under control.

  3. Great advice. Sometimes people pour more time and energy into their jobs, which often causes their home life to suffer. I try to put work aside and do at least one fun and cool thing with my little one on the weekend.Last Sunday, we went to the National Aviary.

  4. This is something that I try really hard to do, but still need to work on being “present” when I am home. I find myself constantly distracted by everything else that needs to get done or that I have to do. I am trying to set aside certain times during the day where I am completely present.

  5. Quality time. That is a very valuable gift to give. So often we are distracted by our phones and social media when we are supposed to be spending quality time with someone we love. Great post.

  6. I’ve been working on Quality at home, trying to make sure that my time with my kids is quality time.

  7. I like this comparison of a co-worker to a sick child. We forget that one someone is rash, angry, or mean, it does likely mean they are suffering! Thanks for my lightbulb moment of the day …

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