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Use Your Technology to Get Healthy


It is thrilling to use the technology in our hands to help us live healthier and more physically fit lives. The word healthy is commonly defined as being in good health, of being free of disease. Increasingly technology,which interestingly is our friend has helped us to be stationary and as a result increasingly out of shape. Recently, women in a bloggers group to which I belong complained about “blogger butt,” a condition that results from sitting at the computer and writing for extended periods. In sum, blogger butt is the increase in weight that happens when you stop being active and start using your technology for long periods. This phenomenon seemed to be common with women across race, class and age. In other words, it happens to everyone. Even with this new and increasingly common affliction, I think technology is still our friend and can be used for good health.




Increasingly applications for our tablets and smart phones  are things that can make our lives better. It is common for people to solve problems in their lives by asking, “Is there an app for that?” More and more, the answer to that question is a resounding yes! Check out these apps that are on my Kindle tablet for example:

  • Daily Ab Workout
  • Daily Arm Workout
  • Daily Butt Workout
  • Daily Cardio Workout
  • Daily Leg Workout
  • Evening Yoga for Women
  • Fitbit Activity Tracker
  • Virtua Gym Fitness Home Workout
  • Yoga-Pedia

These are a few of the workout and exercise apps on my Kindle. One of the great things about these apps in particular is that they were all free. More importantly, they provide a kick butt workout. It may be difficult to follow these apps on some smart phone screens. However with tablets, these are all easy to see and easy to follow. These are my weapons to battle at first and then win the war against blogger butt.

I like that I can take the tablet to any room in the house and work out. Like many moms, I have started working out in the living room only to be pushed out by Elmo and laughing children. I have been in the bedroom trying to get my workout on when a tired husband comes in and really needs to rest. On those occasions, I have taken my tablet and hid in the bathroom so that I can do the workout. A tablet’s flat nature and small footprint make it easy to put on a counter or floor easily in the line of sight in order to workout.

Increasingly our obligations at home and work have made it harder to find the time to take proper care of ourselves and to get to the gym to work out. That is why the large number of exercise and fitness apps on our tablets and smart phones is a wonderful thing. While lying in bed, riding the train to the office, or watching your kids at the playground search the applications store for your smart phone or tablet provider to find workout and fitness apps that work for you.

It is thrilling to use your technology to help you stay fit and healthy. So, the question for you this terrific day is how do you use technology to stay healthy?

19 thoughts on “Use Your Technology to Get Healthy”
  1. You had me at FREE! lol..I will check it out. Will come in handy when I travel and get off of my regular routine. I’m also trying to get in my pre-baby exercise…she’s almost two!!!

  2. I recently joined a Fitbit group with some FB friends so now I have to get it together so I won’t be the only lazy one in the bunch. I am using peer pressure for good!

  3. I have a new app like you are talking about and it makes me cut down on stuff because I don’t want to have a record of eating 30 Oreos instead of 2.

  4. If you find that app for “magically create more time” I will download it so fast, your head will spin!

  5. I really like my Fitbit too. I am too embarrassed to check in that I ate certain things so now I cannot eat them and have to put the steps in so I can have the little treats I want!

  6. I just started using an app a couple of days ago to track my food and fitness and I’m already hooked! Good for you!

  7. I love the term “blogger butt” – it makes me laugh. I actually have quite a few healthy apps on my phone. I guess you’re supposed to open them if you want them to work.

  8. Great ideas for using technology! My husband and I are really working on getting healthier and are always looking for new ideas.

  9. I need to the app for “magically create more time”. Still, these all sound really great, and I might have to go download a few. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. I have several apps downloaded to try to assist me in my journey to better health. I am currently loving FitBit!

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