• Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

The 6 Elements of Strategic Thinking








Strategic thinking involves several different components. These components include:

1. Anticipation – the ability and use of peripheral vision, the ability to think three or more moves ahead

2. Challenge – the act of questioning, reframing, digging into the roots of a matter

3. Interpret – being able to figure out patterns from multiple data sources

4. Decide – the act of taking a stand, balancing speed and quality in making a determination

5. Align – get all interested parties, all stakeholders with their divergent views to come together

6. Learn – the ability to use failures and successes as resources, debrief and adjust thinking action to match changing circumstances

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32 thoughts on “The 6 Elements of Strategic Thinking”
  1. very true. having a plan makes problems seem easier to solve for me

  2. Very true. It’s so important to think about the entire process.

  3. Great list, thanks for the advice!

  4. I never thought of strategic thinking being a 6 step process. Thanks for the enlightenment!

  5. I need to remember these 6 more often.

  6. This is very true! An organized mind gets everything done better.

  7. Challenge is tough for me. Hard not to conform. Thanks for the thoughts

  8. Anticipation can be a good motivator too. If you have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen due to your actions, you’re likely to move in and do the ones likely to create the most positive outcome.

  9. Good list. I agree that thinking about a problem is not enough. You need follow through and a plan.

  10. Great tips! I think I have the anticipation, just not the follow through.

  11. All great tips! This is something I teach to my patients as a psychotherapist. Things can seem so overwhelming, but breaking them into pieces can make it more manageable.

  12. Those are some good tips. Problems are easier to handle when you have a method of tackling them.

  13. I really need to work on thinking ahead. That’s my biggest struggle of the 6.

  14. These are terrific tips for issues that require some more in depth thought.

  15. It’s very important that people learn from not only their successes, but also their failures.

  16. I need to be better about deciding things… and then stick to it. This is a good breakdown of the elements of strategic thinking.

  17. This is a great break down! I normally fail to LEARN and end up going through the other “steps” again!

  18. I try to anticipate more, but I don’t do it enough. All of these are great things to consider as I plan certain events for my job (and I consider which events to change or even discontinue.)

  19. I think anticipation is a skill that not everyone has. I do try to anticipate when I can, though – it definitely helps in certain situations.

  20. I take a long time to think on things. I don’t make snap decisions. It drives my dh crazy.

  21. I am kind of impulsive with decisions at times. That’s because I am in tuned with my heart. They are often good decisions. Sometimes my thinking is strategic though, but that takes too long 🙂

  22. Anticipation can cause a roadblock for many people, I know I can get hung up on this part of the process.

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