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Best Gift For a Mom – Kids Doing Well

For a mama, the best gift ever is when your children do well!


For a mama, the best gift ever is when your children do well!

Recently a Facebook friend who I knew back in high school many years ago won a prestigious award and he posted how he grinned like a little kid when his mom said she was proud of him. What he may not realize because he is a husband and father, not a mom, is that for a mom, is that the best thing ever is when your children do well. As mothers, we sacrifice EVERYTHING for our children. We worry when we breastfeed, when we change diapers and when we cart them off to school. Mothers want their children to succeed and to do well in life. People who read my blog know when my children succeed I am happy, thrilled, and excited. If I have a choice between yarn (which I can never have enough of) and one of my babies accomplishing some goal, the kid’s dream wins every time. I am proud of my children. My kids laugh at me because when I learn about something they have done well, I cry like a baby, I am overwhelmed with joy.



Over the past week, my children have brought me to tears on several occasions with some amazing accomplishments, awards and honors. They show them to me or tell me about them and wait for the tears. “Mom are you crying again?” My answer is a hearty “YES!” Then I start with the hugs and kisses. The bottom line is that motherhood is a hard job. One of the hardest in the world and one of the biggest and best rewards we get from it is pride and joy when our children do well. So today I celebrate the success of my children.

What was the last thing your children did that made you smile? Did you let your children know they made you proud? Take a moment now to let your children know what they do to make you smile. You will be glad you did.

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