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Follow Your Dream and Rise to the Challenge

follow your dreams

I am enjoying following my dreams and rising to the challenges those journeys bring!

When I was in high school my track coach said every woman should run a marathon by age 45. I turned 45 a few years ago and still have not run a marathon, but it is on my to-do list. I have always thought Sun Tzu’s book The Art Of War was an interesting book full of possibilities and I am writing my own book based on its precepts. Both these endeavors are extremely challenging. I am out of shape and on a new diet and exercise program that are working well. I have four children, a husband, a consulting business and want to restart my law career. These are all challenges to accomplishing my goals. My response to that is a hearty, “So what!”

Life is hard and these two things I want to accomplish are lofty and admirable. My children would be able to say their mom is a marathon runner. My husband will love my new in shape body and brag about his marathon running wife. My book will be interesting and my family will be proud to see it in print. I will feel like a million bucks. Well, not the day after the marathon, or after an all-nighter writing, but I will feel good having accomplished these things. So I think the point of this rambling blog post is that we should go for our dreams, but realize the going will be tough, but worth the trip.

I am a big fan of doing big, bold and audacious things. Take a moment now and look at your life. What big, bold and audacious things have you been dreaming about, sneaking looks at and wishing you could do. Today is a great day to select one of those things, pull it off the “Oneday” shelf and start doing it. Your big, bold and audacious thing may take hundreds of steps, but so what! You will be taking steps anyway. So start stepping towards the big, bold and audacious things in your dreams.

So, the question for you this thrilling day is, what big, bold and audacious thing are you going to start today?

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