• Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

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Life is Hard, Work at What You Love

work at what you love


Life is hard work, so we might as well work at something we love.

I have spent tens of thousands of hours working at laundry, dishes, making beds and wiping noses. All of these things are important, but hard work. Today I am celebrating working at something I love – writing. I have set my mind to working on my book, details later, and getting it done. It is hard work, the research, the writing, the putting everything together and finding a publication resource. But, my name is Janeane Davis and hard work does not scare me. In addition to doing the work I need to do, that I must do, for my future, I am working hard at what I love.

The question for you this wonderful day is, what do you love and what are you working to accomplish?

2 thoughts on “Life is Hard, Work at What You Love”
  1. I am so happy for you. We make our own history(herstory)yours will be epic. Keep your eye on the prize. To the Love of my Life.

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