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#071716 Interesting Articles I Found for Entrepreneurs

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Not every entrepreneur has time to review all the small business news websites, to check out all the small entrepreneur business information available and to read many of the great articles on small business. They say “it’s lonely at the top.” But, when it comes to your business, you don’t have to do it all alone. Sometimes others have expertise that can help! Each week I will share interesting articles I found throughout the last week that will help you do things better in your business. If you see an article that fits a situation in your business or is relevant to you, click the link and go check it out!
Here are a few of the interesting articles I came across this week.

Knowing When And Why You Might Need A Business Loan 

Over the course of the life a business, there are times when additional funding is needed. It is important to be able to determine when or if your company needs a business loan. This article from Mompreneur Media gives good insight on this topic. Click here to read the article.

Seven Productivity Hacks for Getting Stuff Done

One thing an entrepreneur must be in order to be successful is to work in as productive a manner as possible. Light Arrow published a nice article that shared seven productivity hacks entrepreneurs can use in order to get things done. Click here to read the article.

Will this ‘perfect coach’ change your life/business

Coaches are all the rage in business circles. Sarupa Shah wrote an interesting article on business coaches and how the “perfect coach” will change a business. Click here to read the article.

Surefire Ways to Keep Laptop Running For the Longest Time

Entrepreneurs are increasingly using laptops instead of traditional desktop computers. Laptops are portable and often used without being attached to power cords. This means it is important to find ways to keep the laptop running for as long as possible. Modern Life Blogs wrote an article that shared what they called “surefire ways” to keep laptops running as long as possible. Click here to read the article.

Marketing Without The Promotional Emails

Entrepreneurs often look at email addresses as if they are gold or platinum. One reason business owners give away free information is to get email addresses in order to sell those people products and services later. Sark eMedia wrote an interesting article on promotion, marketing and email. Click here to read the article.

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After you have checked out an article or two, stop back by and share your thoughts and ideas in the comments. Then, be sure to stop back next week for another list of articles to help you do better in your business. If you have an article that will make business better for entrepreneurs, drop me a line at janeanedavis@janeanesworld.com and let’s talk about it.

6 thoughts on “#071716 Interesting Articles I Found for Entrepreneurs”
  1. This is such a great resource. I especially like the tips on how to keep your laptop running as long as possible since I’m working on the road more than from my home office lately. Productivity is definitely king!

  2. Wow, I never knew there were ways you could extend the battery of your laptop. Mine always seems to run out when I need it most.

  3. Being an entrepreneur means always being busy, so any resources that can help are welcome. I will definitely be bookmarking these to read in the near future. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I really liked the Seven Productivity Hacks for Getting Stuff Done. I can apply alot of that article to me, thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great list of resources for us entrepreneurs. I will have to bookmark these for sure. I love that there are so many sites and books out there full of information for us to be successful on our own terms.

  6. Love these articles and what a great resource as well. I know it can be overwhelming when starting a business to know where to get the best advice from especially with all the resources out now on the internet.

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