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Your Business Provides Income

Entrepreneur, be grateful for your business because it provides income. If you are fortunate, your business provides income to you, your employees, and contributes to the income of other entrepreneurs and employees. That makes you a superhero and someone to be admired and appreciated. So step up and start appreciating your business for the extra things it brings to the table.

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Your business is a big deal – it provides you with income, so show it some appreciation.

Every entrepreneur who earns even $1 from her business should appreciate her business. I speak with entrepreneurs all around the world on a regular basis. I speak with them on the phone, in person, and via social media. Often these entrepreneurs lack a true appreciation for their businesses. They talk about how small their businesses are. They talk about how proud they will be of their businesses one day.

What they do not do is show appreciation for what their businesses are at the current moment. That is a mistake, and those businesses need to be appreciated for what they are and what they do at the current moment.

Many entrepreneurs dream of having businesses that make the Fortune 500 list. This will happen for many entrepreneurs this is a reality that will happen. For other entrepreneurs, even the Forbes 1,000,000 list is too high a dream. Yet, both these entrepreneurs should be proud of their businesses and what they are able to accomplish. Do not despise small beginnings aka don’t hate on your business because it is not a big deal right now. If your business provides you with income, appreciate that income. It is not wrong to appreciate where you are as you climb to higher or richer ground.

No man is an island, so your business helps more than just you, so show it some appreciation.

For some entrepreneurs, at the present time, their businesses provide only enough income for a cup of Starbucks coffee each week. While no entrepreneur can retire on that cup of coffee, the money multiplier effect makes that cup of coffee a big deal. Think about it for a moment. In order for you to get that cup of coffee, the local coffee-house has to open and give a job to employees who will make the coffee and take the money for the purchase.

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That employee then has money to buy her own breakfast, snacks, pay for transportation, buy clothes, and more. So, the cup of coffee money your business earns contributes to someone else having a better life.

Entrepreneurs are superheroes. That is not exaggeration or hyperbole, it is a fact. Entrepreneurs sell products and services. They create opportunities. Entrepreneurs put real dollars into the economy. No matter how many or how few dollars they put into the economy, those dollars matter. Those dollars multiply and create more opportunities and more dollars. Do not think lowly of your business simply because you earn enough money to buy a cup of Starbucks and not enough to buy a Starbucks franchise.

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Entrepreneur, take time today to show your business love and appreciation because it provides you with income. No matter what the amount of the income, that is a valuable and precious thing.  So, the question for you this thrilling day is what do you do to show your business appreciation?

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