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X Man Logan and Lessons for Entrepreneurs

x men logan and lessons for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs must ABL Always Be Learning and today’s top news story about the new X Men movie “Logan” has 3 lessons for entrepreneurs.

“Logan” is in the news because it is the newest movie in the X Men franchise being released. Entrepreneurs should pay attention to this story because it shows that all businesses can grow, develop and change over time.  In addition, there are 3 lessons for entrepreneurs found in this story. These lessons are:

  • Good things last
  • Growth can be smart
  • Stay true to your roots

Good things last Good companies find ways to stand the test of time. They are around in good times and bad times. Good companies are the ones that find a way to continually give customers what they want year after year. Good companies know that they must develop and improve if they are going to stay in business over the long term. When you build or run your company, treat it as if you want it to stand the test of time and then it will.

Growth can be smart Good companies grow over the course of time. They grow in size, income or influence. It is important to keep in mind that small companies can be good companies. Growth does not have to be tangible. Growth can be in reputation, quality and dependability. If you want your company to grow and to be around season after season, and year after year, pay attention to growth. Grow with a plan and manage that plan. Undisciplined growth can lead to business failure. Smart growth leads to business success and a business that lasts.

Stay true to your roots Good companies last because customers know who they are and for what they stand. There are reasons why you started your company. There are principles and ideas you believed in at the start that guided your business. As you grow, develop and create more offerings for your customers, stay true to those principles. These ideas that guided you are what your customers, employees and even you depend upon. They are what make your business, your business. Never forget what helped you in the beginning. Use those ideas to guide you into the future.

The movie “Logan” and the X Men franchise exhibited these principles. This is why ten movies later, the X Men franchise is still going strong.  So, the question for smart entrepreneurs this fantastic day is are you creating something that will last, growing in a smart way and staying true to your roots?